tutorial: new book shelf from old materials

Saturday, March 20, 2010 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

You may or may not have read my post about my grandfathers barn but I have to announce with sadness that during our last snow, the barn caved.   I was so sad.  I love old barns!

So, in it's honor I salvaged a few planks of wood that were weathered but still strong and dragged them back to the house and I knew exactly where they were going to go.
See this ugly messy book shelf in the kids play room?  Well, it's gone because we did this!

On the top shelve which is too high for me to reach, I put books from my childhood and a few toys that I love of the kids that they don't play with much, plus I thought Woody would like his new perch.  I've been trying to as neatly as possible stack books.  And yes, the bottom shelf looks bowed and it is but not from the books, it is naturally. but it's strong and I though it was beautiful the way it was.

This is how we did them so there were no brackets showing...

My darling dear husband found the studs  where needed and screwed our heavy duty "L" brackets in the down direction with heavy duty screws, NOT the ones that came with the brackets, we bought them separate.  The door has a header so there was no need to find a stud. (hint, hint)

We held the board that had been trimmed to fit in at the  45 degree angle in our ceiling up to the "L" brackets and he marked their edges.

We took down the board and removed the "L" brackets from the wall.

Using our marking lines, we attached the "L" brackets to the board along the marked lines.

ALWAYS use heavy screws for this too!

We lined the board up but using the brackets and the pre-drilled holes in the studs.  Zoot Zoot and the shelf was up.

I wanted the wood trimmed on one end to look like it was coming out of the ceiling and the other end is naturally rough and worn but not flush with the wall.  After I placed a few cute objects  it was complete.  We are going back for a few wider boards for lower shelves because we have SO many books and that whole wall is about to be full.  We need some different widths coming away from the wall to accommodate the many different sizes we have...stay tuned for the finished wall!


  1. I have an award for you! http://www.jdaniel4smom.com/2010/03/awards-spring-up-from-everywhere.html

  2. Those shelves look like they were born to be there! And what a wonderful way to remember your Grandfather's barn.


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