Lukewarm?? It's just not HOT!

Friday, March 05, 2010 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

Tonight, I came home from school to find my kitchen a mess, the laundry hadn't been brought down (like I asked) and my children didn't have pj's on but where sound asleep...IN MY BED.

This gave me a lukewarm feeling.

Not, a hot feeling of anger or a hot feeling of ....oooooo, I love my husband SO much!  He's the BEST!  Not, a cold feeling that I hate my life sometimes...NO, none of those.

But a lukewarm feeling...

Then, after troubling my facebook friends with my lukewarm status update about my lukewarm feelings towards my husband and life in general, I decided to take a bath.

YES!  A nice hot, soothing bath...

But NO!

I filled my deep garden tub up, slipped in (who am I kidding) plunged in and found myself in lukewarm water.

Lukewarm does not make me feel good.  It makes me shrivel in the tub because I'll be colder if I get out and I might be able to wait on hotter water in a few minutes...

and I wait, test, wait some more and after way to long...awe!  HOT!  I look like a prune.

I'm convinced that kids that don't like baths, were given lukewarm baths as babies!  Horrid I tell you!  My babies bathed with me, that's why they love was almost hot and comforting and relaxing...

lukewarm is NOT HOT!

It's not hot in relationships, it's not hot in bed, it's not hot at's just lukewarm.

So, phooey on lukewarm!

I mean, who likes lukewarm ice cream?  No one, at least it has a temperature of cold.
Who likes lukewarm toasted marshmallows?  NO, eat'em while they're HOT!

So, if you read this and have a comment about loving lukewarm anything...please move on and don't comment.  If you love hot or even cold but not lukewarm...well, you know what to do!

If you Google images of "lukewarm" about the only thing you get is yeast!  YUCK!

P.S.  Know someone who has a "HOT" blog?  Give them that little badge you see above that I made...they deserve it!  No, lukewarm blogs allowed...  Please be sure to tell me if you do.


  1. I LOL at the mention of the yeast Google Images :)
    happy friday SITS Sista !

  2. I am definitely not a fan of anything lukewarm. I don't really like anything wishy-washy. I'm an all or nothing sort of person.

  3. ug. I hate lukewarm! And that's how I feel my life is right now too. :p it is no fun. I'm sorry! Hopefully things will start to heat up!! :)


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