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Saturday, February 27, 2010 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

The other night, I was sitting in class and opened my facebook page, which should be a sin if you are sitting in a graduate level class but I did and I'm guilty but I needed something...there it was!  My sister-in-law was on Facebook freaking out about her virtual chicken coop and I almost feel over in the floor laughing right there in class.  I wondered how many people on Farmville even know what a real chicken coop is.   Then one of my favorite Super Moms sent me the best post I've read in a long time.  It was late coming because sometimes e-mails don't like crossing the big pond I suppose.

From where I sit, half a world away, Jane has a beautiful life.  I can picture her with her children and her elegant chickens running in and out of her beautiful house and for some reason, in my mind it is always spring.  So, I am so excited and honored to share with you her guest post for HomeSpun-Threads.

Hope Springs

On Valentines Day I got up late. I won’t describe it as a lie-in because Milo was there with me, wailing, pinching and hair-pulling. Intermittently the other two came in, bounced on the bed, scattered toys around, dropped biscuit crumbs and left. I hoped against hope that The Husband might have finally decided that this was the year for a gesture. Not a big gesture, you understand just any gesture. He has long disapproved of Valentine’s Day, proclaiming it to be a Hallmark Holiday and saying that he doesn’t need a calendar to tell him when to show he loves me. In recent years though, it must be said, that his spontaneous gestures of love are running fairly thin on the ground.

To be fair, life has been tricky and demanding. We have been hit hard by the recession at a time when we were expecting our third child and the effects of the ‘economic downturn’ are still very much in evidence in the Fielding household today.
Yet, our busy house is full of shouting and arguing and laughing and playing and reading and crying and running and jumping. When the weather is good we keep the front and back doors open – the chickens come in, the children go out, the dogs lie in the sun and life just works. It has a certain rhythm to it. Just like our parents did, The Husband and I try to shield the children from the worse that the world has to offer and show a loving and united front. We kiss often and we say “I love you” to each other and to the children almost hourly.

I remember once, as a child, asking my mother if she loved me. Her reply? “Of course, I do. You shouldn’t have to ask.” But I did have to ask because neither she nor my father ever told me. They still don’t now. Proclaiming love was taboo and embarrassing. We were just supposed to know that they loved us. We did know, of course, we did, but it’s nice to hear the words out loud.

So ours is a house full of love. And I shout “I LOVE YOU” every day. I laugh and I cry with my children and The Husband. I cuddle them and they cuddle each other. We all have an unbreakable bond that strengthens every day, regardless of all the petty squabbles and the frustrations of being a parent. That bond is the difference between love and romance.

And the most romantic thing that The Husband did on Valentine’s Day? Made another coop for more of the chickens that I keep bringing home. Now that’s romance!

See what I mean!  Isn't she dreamy!  I don't even thing she realizes how dreamy she is.  We all go through really hard times at some point but it's love that keeps us going.  She always reminds me of that.

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  1. Stopping by from SITS. I am guilty of farming on FB and getting too involved but I am recovering. lol...


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