I don't remember a tornado in our area???

Monday, February 08, 2010 Aimee Larsen 12 Comments

But apparently it made its way through my house.  I think I'm going to post before and after pictures.  That will be my motivation I suppose...to show you how bad it is and how good it can be.  So, I was thinking, to keep me from being too embarrased...if you are in the same boat as me...you do the same.  Just say a prayer!  I'm going in!

Post Edit:

Please don't judge!

There are NO WORDS!

Let's play eye spy, shall we?
I spy with my little eye...
a shelf,
a bathroom towel,
a file folder,
my grandmothers ring.

Now you can play it with your friends!

No, please don't!

Here is the AFTER!
Please ignore that I manged to clean this room and still did not turn the seat cushion back round or even bother straightening the pillows.
I also wanted to show you this.
So, here's the story!
You know how, you have something in mind to make for your kids and it just happens to be a light table?  No?
Well, I did.  Back in October I asked my husband to help me build this table for Evan.  On the eve of Christmas Eve, we ran to Lowes to buy a few parts.  Like the lights, which are pretty important.  Only to find the ones we bought were not bright enough and to find some kind of adhesive that would stick to plexiglass and something to make the glass...not see through.

On Christmas Eve, my garage suddenly became Santa's workshop!  CHRISTMAS EVE people!  Notice my excessive use of "!" today.

I fixed the plexi-glass, James built the frame and added the lights.  Then built the ugliest, too tall legs I have ever seen out of that cheap partical board stuff that they build houses with...NOT nice smooth wood.  Then proceeded to paint it all white and got white paint all over my plexiglass so you couldn't get it off because the stuff I used underneath to make it not see through was white tissue paper!

So, after a HUGE fight about the fact that it took two months for this table to be made and it looked NOTHING like what I wanted it too look like...well, the next day (Christmas Day) I went out the the garage with the table and a saw and fixed it.  The Plexiglas and the legs and now I'm happy.

Does anyone need to know how to make this table???

Just wanted to share today.


  1. Oh my. Good luck.
    Looking forward to the after shots. ;-)

  2. You are too funny!

    Don't feel bad - our house is hit by tornados on a twice daily basis at least.

  3. I took pictures of a similar event in our neck of the woods, but was too embarrassed to post the pictures...Good luck to you!

    P.S. Love your blog! :)

  4. Oh yeah, my house is atrocious from this weekend. I think part of the problem is the routines just fly out the window on the weekend as I get lost behind the sewing machine. :P

  5. Oh wow! I certainly remember those days! One day I got so tired of the little tornadoes that I got the dumpster and a shovel and started loading everything from the floor into the dumpster (it was clean and empty before I loaded it). When the kids came home from school their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. I told them why I did what I did and that it would happen again if they left the playroom in such disarray again. While they were still standing there with their bugged out eyes and jaws dropped to the floor, I left the room, got a cup of tea and a book and sat in my garden and waited until they got their stuff back out of the dumpster (I was not supposed to know they were retrieving their stuff!) and put it all away properly. Sounds mean, but it sure as heck worked! I never had another tornado hit the playroom again!

    ~ Tracy

  6. Oh my, cant say it hasnt happened here. Thank the Lord that our "tornados" are usually in their rooms and not out in the rest of the house notice I said usually b/c it does happen more often than I would like. Ours usually happened after a weekend. Its hard to keep things up on the weekends! Well, it looks good anyway once you got it picked up!

  7. I need me one of those rakes! That is just how our playroom looks 5 seconds after I make them pick everything up. It is so exasperating. There is a line of tape in our room that they can't bring toys across so that I can have a little island of sanity and solace.

  8. I understand. I'm just glad that for some reason little kid messes don't take as long as I think they will/should to clean up. :)

    I do love the light table and would LOVE to know how you made it! How fun!

  9. Thanks for that laugh! I had to hold it back. I am at work, trying to get through the end of the day and you made me laugh!!!!
    Love the tool of choice. By the way, you saw mess, I immediately saw curtains and a valance that I LOVED!

  10. Also, you caught me...I am now a follower :)

  11. Wow. We are definitely best friends now. LOVED this post! :) THanks!


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