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Saturday, February 06, 2010 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Many of the comments left about couponing have been questions about the fact that some families are either on strict diets or shop farmers markets.  I'm not sure that I can help you much but I'll try.  I grew up with a little brother who from the time he was 13 months old had Type 1 diabetes.  From the time he was baby he has been dependent on insulin shots, many finger pricks and a very strict diet.  My mom used the Joslin diet and I can not express how strict that diet was when we were growing up.  No sugar cereal, ice cream, cokes, etc.  NONE!  I still think that my mom could have couponed the method I use and have saved plenty on what she bought.  I mean, do you see how excited this girl below is...she's killing me.

I have a receipt from Publix

Emerald Nuts Smoked Almonds $ 5.80
BOGO @ 2.90 (saving me 2.90)
Vendor coupon -1.00 off
OOP $1.90
I saved $3.90
Roughly a 68% savings on a can of Almonds
Unless you are allergic to tree nuts, who wouldn't buy Almonds.
I bought two cans...almonds and cashews.

I realized I had two coupons and went back in, so that's why I have a single receipt.  I was so excited.  I would NEVER pay $5.80 for a can of nuts but I would pay $2.90 and even better $1.90.

I could rattle down my list every week and post a picture of my groceries but honestly it would be a joke for me because I wouldn't be able to get it all in one picture.  I'd rather just put my groceries away and be proud of my full pantry.  God is truly blessing us since I have started using our money more wisely.
I do hang my grocery receipts on the fridge which stretch from top to bottom and is sometimes folded.

I'm telling you this for encouragement.  The thing is, even if you can't use an item on sale with a coupon and it's free, you probably know someone who would use it.  Like Country Crock...I only use real butter but it was FREE for me last week.  Someone I know uses Country Crock.  So keep that in mind when you are considering couponing.  In some cases I have made money by buying one product.  Like 100 calorie pack box of Honey Grahams, made me $6.  I don't even know how but I was thrilled that it did.  It just worked out that way.  Because that $6 bought my milk and bread which wasn't on sale!  FREE!

I am going to post a few receipts and savings below.  Please don't think that you can not do this.  You can!!!  You may not be able to save 50% each time, but you will always try to top your savings each time.

My husband and all three kids unloaded my car last Sunday and darling husband said, "Are you SURE you only spent $$$?"  NOW, that felt so much better than...
"You spend how much on what???"
oop = out of pocket (not including tax, what you spent)
Here is how to figure your savings...
to get your total savings on a deal:

add together all your original price
add together your oop
subtract oop from original
equals amount saved

then divide amount saved by original price
move decimal over two spots
your savings percentage! 

Here's a few mine...

Bi-Lo    1/16     $257.46-99.14 = OOP $158.32  (61%)
note:  I didn't think I did well at Bi-Lo LOL

Publix     1/16     $225.12 - 109.21 = OOP $115.91  (48%)

Publix     1/25     $153.18 - 69.31 =  OOP $83.87  (45%)

Bi-Lo   1/31     $145.34 - 74.89 =   OOP $70.45   (51%)

Publix     1/31     $ 176.41 - 97.11 = OOP 79.30 (55%)

Think of it like getting twice the food for what you'd normally spend.  I hated that feeling when I'd spend $80 and only have 3 or 4 sacks of food.

So, this is what I recommend.  Start small.  Collect coupons, don't kill yourself clipping...take your time and try to increase your savings percentage as you go.  Saving around 50% for me is what I shoot for each time.  That feels good to me!

Note that this does not include my buying beauty and health products from our local drugstores, Walgreens and CVS.  Cause if you can shop CVS, they'll give you everything for free!

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  1. My only question is what do you do when you buy things that you cant find coupons for. Most of what I buy I NEVER see a coupon for. Also my family is very specific of what kind of any given item they want. We buy one type of bread, we buy only coke, dr.peppers, and sprite. I already get those at Sams at a discount. Now, for my grocery items I just dont know how to get started. Where are you finding good coupons. I wouldnt mind using them but cant seem to find good ones. Also do you make you a menu up with what is on sale at these stores in mind or do you just buy what you normally do and try to find coupons for those items. That is my problem I have certain things I buy, and cant find good coupons for them. Thanks and I am glad it is working for you. I would love to save on groceries. Now, if we could figure out a way to save on out to eat, that would really help b/c that is what is so expensive!!!!!!


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