The Worse of the Worst candle wax mess, EVER!

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Aimee Larsen 8 Comments

A few nights ago, James and I were sitting up in bed.  He was watching TV and I was couponing, of course.  Due to the ice that was raining down that night, the power went out.  It messed up my printer and we still don't know what time it is.  All of our clocks are still blinking.   I wasn't finished with my work so I lit the two candles above my bed.  Large pillar candles they were and one still is.  Before bed I blew mine out and asked James to blow his out.  Of course, he did not.

The next morning at about 4:00 our phone rang after our power came back on and it was a false alarm from the security company.  After James managed to wake up a bit, he noticed that his hair and pillow felt awfully funny.  He flicked on the light and WOW O!  The candle he forgot to blow out had dripped for hours onto our headboard and splattered tiny droplets of wax everywhere around it.  
The wax is down the wall, in the carpet, on the top of the headboard, down the side, on the pillow case, the mattress, the box springs, the carpet and JAMES HAIR.  I could not help but sit up in our bed and look in wonder at the mess that one candle made in just a few hours.  Apparently the wick was not centered in the candle and it burned off to the side, just slightly and instead of creating a hollow in the candle it quickly melted away the side.l  NICE!

Now that I have thoroughly explained how in the world one candle can make the biggest mess I've ever seen a candle make, I will now share with you how I managed to clean it up.

How to Clean Candle Wax from "Everything"
You will need an iron.
An old washcloth
plastic scraper
Set your iron on the lowest setting that still allows for steam.
Scrap as much of the wax away with the plastic scrapper on any hard surface.
Mine was a hard plastic because the wax was SO thick.
Once you have scrapped it away, lay the washcloth over the wax on the hard surface and give it a punch of steam.  This only takes a few seconds.  Wipe the softened wax with the washcloth. 
Not only will it come off, but your hard surfaces should look really shiny.

Now for the carpet or other soft surfaces.
Use your newspaper by laying it over the wax that you were not able to remove by scraping or breaking off.  Lay your iron on top of the paper that is on top of the wax.  Let it sit for a few seconds.  Move the iron around.
The newsprint will start to absorb the wax, even from carpet fibers.
Repeat this step until the wax is gone.

Now, please be sure to remind your husbands to blow out the candles.
Unlike me!


  1. oh no!!! that is a disaster. glad you were able to clean it. it is one of those things that is nearly impossible to do

  2. LOL...This happened to me with little children who like to dip their hands in my scentsy warmer and it got spilled...I used a heat gun instead of a blow drier and it worked just as's just a pin in the rear really...Time consuming!!!

  3. Oh, my goodness! I'm glad there wasn't a fire!

  4. Girl, you play with fire! Goodness hope you got all that cleaned up.

  5. Oh my. How crazy to wake up covered in dried wax. Good thing you had the remedy!

  6. I wish you wouldve took a picture of James with wax in his hair, that wouldve been worth seeing. I am so sorry that happened I know how frustrating that must have been!!!! Glad you got it up and off everything!

  7. i'm happy to hear you guys are okay! candles are scary! wax is worse... that stuff is SO messy! thanks for your clean up tips!
    take care!

  8. Matt told me about this. The pictures really bring out the best in the story. :)


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