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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I was doing SO well!
I fell off the wagon after about 8 days.
I regressed today, lost focus, my lack of will power is just

So, I suppose I'll try to do better tomorrow.
Do you have that same problem?

Now, my house feels like it is a disaster zone.  I would be ashamed if anyone stopped by and I constantly think of my mom.  I promise, I'm not a slob or lazy.
I just have way too much on my plate.
Maybe even with a side of crazy.

Tomorrow is a new day!

P.S.  I might want to mention that the reason I think of mom is because growing up, she had a cross stitched plaque/image of a woman holding a mop and it said...
"Dull women have immaculate homes."
So, naturally I assumed she thought she was dull...
Not what I should have thought which was...
ONLY dull women have immaculate houses.
However, that was not the case either.
She was not dull and had an immaculate house.
So in hindsight, I still don't get the "plaque".

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  1. Maybe she didn't think it was as immaculate as you remember it? I don't think I get it either. Only really works if your place is a pit. :P

    I find with myself that I'm constantly on and off the wagon with staying on top of the house. Can I help it that I just don't *like* cleaning?


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