Is it REALLLLLY worth shopping with coupons!?

Sunday, January 24, 2010 Aimee Larsen 12 Comments

I'm convinced of it!

My grandmother sits and clips every single coupon that comes in the Sunday paper and throws them in a bowl on her kitchen table.  I'm not sure she ever takes them with her to the store.  I know she reads the sales papers so why would she not try.  When I told her I was coupon shopping she said, "It's not really worth it if you have to drive all over town, all day."...With head down...I slowly raised my hand and said "GUILTY".  BUT NO MORE!  I'm learning!

When I was pregnant with Cooper 7 years ago, someone sent me a HUGE pile of Huggies coupons and I mean HUGE!  So, what did I do?  I waited for Huggies to go on sale at CVS and I bought them on sale with my coupons and I was pretty well stocked with diapers by the time he arrived...I think he was officially potty trained and I still had packs of them.  I didn't buy them all at once but over a period of several months for $3 and $4 a pack.

So!  Why didn't I think of this new fad going around now, EXTREME COUPONING.  I attended a seminar today that cost me $10.  I was happy to hand over my $10 because just by following the speakers website before hand, I saved over 50% on my grocery bill at our local grocery store.  The website is Southern Savers and I'm hooked!

.I want to give Jenny a virtual pat on the back for being the genius that does all the work for me.  For that matter, I need to send her Lilies or Roses on a regular basis.

I'm sitting here in bed with my coupon book organized and my Publix list with my coupons for that list ready to go and the number of coupons for each item that I have and I have no idea how much money I'll actually save but I'm excited about my 59 cent All Purpose Lysol and my profit on buying Thermacare! 

What does all this mean to me?  It means so much more to me than the thrill of sticking it to the man and saying...HA!  I'm in control of my grocery bill now!  NO!  It's much deeper than that because that is pretty shallow.

It means that I will be able to:

Honor the money my husband makes.
Stock our pantries on a budget.
Give my family the security of having food and necessities in the house.
Share with my friends/family when I have more than enough.
so much more!

I feel like that when I honor my husband and his hard work, I am honoring what God does for us.  I'm proud to say that we hit finical struggles before the economy when for a nose dive into an abyss.  Sorry, I know it's not that bad.  But you know what I mean.  We got our heads on straight and started focusing on paying off bills long ago and we are grateful that God has given us the opportunity to do so.  We firmly believe that everything we have, we have because of God's grace.  He allows us to have what we need and on occasion, what we want.

God does NOT want us to struggle for a good laugh.  NO!  He does not want us to struggle at all.  He simply wants us to honor him and worship him and give him our hearts struggles so that He can be in control because we all know that when He's in control, He does amazing works.  I'm so thankful for our lives.

I'm extremely tired and barely awake so I should probably put away my laptop now and get sleep.  Tomorrow is coming at me like a freight train.  It's going to be a busy day but we are going to love every minute of it!

I'm excited about the prospects of saving money and I'm doing my best to figure out how we can budget our income to support my shopping every week but I'm betting  it'll be easy since I don't plan on spending more thatn $50 on groceries!  I'm going to do this!  I have to!  Plus, let me say..."IF I HAVE TIME, YOU HAVE TIME!"  Anyone can take 20 minutes to get a shopping list and coupons together once a week.  I mean, give yourself the gift of time on morning and get up 30 minutes early if you have too.

There are SO many good sites out there that can help you save money on all sorts of things.  I have a small list I check in on from time to time and some I visit often.  Do you have a favorite money saving website?? 


  1. I coupon a lot! I read a lot of sites, but a few of my favorites are, and my new favorite is I hope they help!

  2. Of course, that only works if you do most of your shopping at grocery stores. I get my milk, dairy, eggs, meat, cheese, and vegetables from local farmers. Grains and other staples I buy in bulk. I try not to buy much else :-) Although maybe I should start looking for toiletry coupons.

  3. Has anyone found the whole couponing thing to be worth it for families with food restrictions?

    For example, our family is gluten free, which means all those great coupon deals on so many foods are items that we can't eat because we can't have anything containing wheat, barley, rye, or oats.

    Most of the sites I've come across don't have many coupons we can use, or the price is still more expensive than the generic store brand even with the coupon.

    Maybe I just haven't found the right sites? Most of them have made me sign up to see the coupons, not find much I can use, and then end up receiving a bunch of junk mail.

    I'd really love to figure out the secrets of this whole couponing thing because I've heard so many people manage to get killer deals and spend far less. I'm willing to cut all the coupons and take the time each week, maybe I just need to go through the class?

  4. We have hit some rough financial times, and it has really eased the burden on my husband to see my stockpile cabinet nice and full.

  5. We are coupon addicts! My husband is actually the one who does most of it, plus all the grocery shopping!
    To answer Karen, I don't know about gluten free- but we have found that by searching for brands that you use you can usally sign up for coupons right on their site, like Organic Valley, Stoneyfield Farms and such. We have even managed to save a bit right at whole foods! They have their own coupons right in the store that are very good!
    Happy money saving! :)

  6. Karen, I'm sure there are other foods you by besides ones that need to be gluten-free. Anything from vegetables to juice. I don't know much about a gluten-free diet but I wholeheartedly believe that you can coupon and save and stock your cabinets on a small budget. We all use shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, etc as well. It might be a sweet treasure to find a coupon for gluten-free foods but from my experience, manufactures will send you a coupon for simple calling up to say "hi, I love your product, can i have a coupon." Even if you just start out with CVS, you'll save tons. I was told that CVS has their own pretend currency and that once you learn how to acquire their currency you will never again pay with real money at cvs. LOL

  7. Thanks guys for the ideas/tips. I know once I can find some good sites & spend a little more time couponing it'll seem easier. I'm not brand loyal to anything specific, so I'm sure I can find tons of savings in all those toiletries, veggies, etc.

    I'm way out west in Idaho so we don't have CVS or Whole Foods out here, but I'll give those sites Kahra mentioned a try and start there. And I'm sure the local stores here have their own deals too.

    If I can manage to cut back on those items I know it'll make a huge difference. :o)

  8. I love couponing, I have a filing box and a binder filled with coupons and it have help me so much with saving.

  9. I love couponing too! I second she rocks!!! Swaggrabber is also a great site! Good luck :)

  10. I have this saying "When we were poor" I used to coupon. I was an extreme couponer and I scored lots of food and stuff for free.
    I kinda lost my way with having kids and as my husband made more money. Not smart on my part, because it would have kept more money in our pocket. Now with this fantastic economy we have now I am back it. I got half off my grocery bill on Thursday night. HALF! Very excited. And today I saved $12.00 at Walmart, making many of my purchases less than $1!

  11. I just started couponing...I saw the "coupon" mom on the Tday Show and her bill went from like 50 dollars to less than ten, she was on promoting her new book. I thought I wonder if I could do mom sent me her book from Amazon. I have always just bought what was on my list, and now using her coupons system I am saving a TON..In december I spent 500 dollars on groceries, so far in January I have spent about 50 dollars a week, thats even with stocking up on deals...I am hooked for life...I never knew you could get paid to buy goceries...and in some cases thats what happens. I find her website a little hard to use....I mostly use moneysavingmom but they are very close to southern savers.

  12. I keep hearing about couponing and honestly would love to try it. The problem is I find it practically impossible to find coupons for stuff we actually buy. We shop mostly at Whole Foods and at the farmers market, oh and Costco. Most of what we buy are fresh fruits and veggies, bulk grains and basic dairy products, very little meat - so basically the perimeter of the supermarket. And most of the coupons I see are for the aisles. Sure, sometimes we save a bit with Stonefield and such coupons, but rarely. I really want to bring our food budget down to $50/week (2 adults and 1 preschooler) from about $75 now. But just can't figure out how without dramatically altering our diets. Any ideas are appreciated!


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