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Thursday, December 31, 2009 Aimee Larsen 8 Comments

My sister-in-law, Andrea, is an inspiration.  I don't know how this woman does what she does everyday much less she has conquered her own beast and squashed it flat.  I'm so proud of her and I asked her to contribute to my blog for the sake of all of us out there who needs a little inspiration!  So, read her generous contribution to what could be life changing for many of us and please leave comments to let her know you appreciate the deep down honesty...I know I do!

Meet Andrea!

Okay so I am doing this as a favor for my dear friend/sister-n-law.  I am new to blogging so please bear with me.

Today I am going to write about my weight loss journey as a Mom of four children, two sets of twins, each is a boy and a girl and their ages are 4 and 6.  All of my children are adopted and we were their foster parents first. The weight packed on me just like it does with any person who is fat, by eating way too much and not getting exercise.  Most would think that with four kids you would run yourself ragged, but when you eat what they eat and then what you want, the pounds pack on.  When I first started my weight loss I weighed 321 pounds and I was 33 years old.  Yes, that is right over 300 pounds and I felt like I was at least 50 years old.  My body ached, I had a hard time breathing, and I couldn’t even carry a laundry basket up the steps with out having to stop at the top to catch my breath. The last straw was when my kids started telling me I was fat and asking me why.  I couldn’t keep up with them anymore in our daily activities.  Let’s just say I have a very athletic family all around.

 Easter 2009
I knew I was going to be laid off from my job in May so I decided this would be when I started changing my life.  Let me explain a couple of thing before I continue.  I use the word fat because I hate it and everything it stands for, and that keeps me motivated to never be it (fat) again.  Also, when I talk about changing my life, it is not a diet, it is what it sounds like, changing my life to look at food in a whole different way.  Okay so on with the life changing. 

I decided the best way for me to lose weight was to count calories, but first I needed to know how many I usually ate in one day.  It turns out I was eating a whopping 3500 calories a day! That is almost double the recommended daily caloric intake, no wonder I was so fat.  I reduced my calories down to 1800 per day to start with and I began to journal and calculate the calories for everything I ate.  I do mean everything.  I also weigh and measure everything to ensure that I am getting the servings right.  In the first month I lost 25 pounds.  This was huge motivation. I can say that each month since I have lost 7 pounds on average.  I now eat 1200-1500 calories a day.  I also added a workout routine to the mix in August.  I try to burn at least 500 calories at each workout. 

Okay so having four kids and changing my life for the better has been a bit difficult, but I know it will be so worth it in the future.  Some days I feel selfish that I am running off to the gym and leaving the kids with my husband, but I look at it as time they can spend together.  And some much needed alone time for me.  The hardest thing is taking the time to weigh and measure everything.  Even when I’m cooking a pot of chili, I will look at the total calories that I have added to the pot and figure out how many cups there are and measure it when I serve myself so I know exactly how many calories I’m eating.  Like I said it is what has worked for me.  Let me just say that once you start counting the calories that you put into a recipe, you might just change the ingredients to better suit your caloric needs.  I have found that counting calories has changed the way I look at food and the labels on it.

I also had a hard time letting go of all of my clothes that had gotten way to big for me.  I just kept thinking about how much money I spent on them.  They were a part of the fat me, so I had to get them out of my closet and let them go.  The best part was being able to go to any store and buy clothes. No more Lane Bryant for me.

I should probably talk about my current workout routine.  On an average day I spend 1 ½ to 2 hours at the gym.  First I get on the elliptical machine for 35 minutes, next 100 sit-ups, 60 leg lifts, 30 squats on core ball, 15 -20 minutes weight training (alternating days for arms and legs), and last 20 minutes on treadmill (incline 5-7 and speed 3.5).  I also take 2 classes a week to change it up, Yoga and Hip Hop Dance.  All of which are offered at my gym along with free childcare.

I now weigh 229 pounds and feel fantastic.  I have so much more energy and I can keep up with my kids.  I still want to loose another 80 pounds and I know I will do it. 

Here are some web sites that have been helpful for me:

A couple more tips are to make sure you measure and weigh yourself before you start so that you can track your progress.  Also, invest in a good scale, a kitchen scale, fabric measuring tape, and a food measuring set. Good Luck!

 Oh my gosh, wowo!  I think I cried a little.  I've known Andrea for almost 20 years.  She was my business partner for almost 4 and I adore her.  I know what she's been through over the years trying to have kids, going through foster care, adoption and so on.  She's always been beautiful even when she was "fat".  So, I can't even imagine what kind of mom she is going to be 80 pounds from now.  Stunning, thin, active, healthy and an inspiration!

Do you have an inspirational story, are you a super mom on her way to skinny, share it with us and be part of the HomeSpun-Threads  "Eliminate Half of Me" campaign.



  1. Thank you for being so transparent. We all need each other's honesty. It hurts to admit you have a problem. And though we fall and fail, we get back up, dust ourselves off and go at it again!
    My request to God is this, that in the same way David conquered Goliath, let me conquer this giant in my life.

  2. Awesome!! What a great story. You rock, congrats for working hard and getting it done. What a great feeling. :)

  3. Andrea, thank you for sharing! I'm trying to get back to the size I was before having 2 kids.

  4. wow how awesome is that? what an inspiration

  5. Wow I am also so inspired!!! Way to go Andrea! I am impressed at your determination!


  6. You are so strong! Congratulations on reaching your goals! You're children are lucky to have a mother showing them that they can do hard things. Thanks for sharing your story, I imagine that was not easy to do.

  7. what an incredible story!
    tell her WAY YO GO for me!!!

  8. It is so hard to change your life, I admire you! Keep up the good work!!1


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