Snowmen Cinnamon Rolls (Evan's Post)

Monday, December 21, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Hey it's me!  I'm Evan and I'm swiping moms blog for today.  Like swiper from Dora, Swiper NO Swiping!  I'm 4 years old and I can type and spell really well...better than mom, some say.

Yesterday mom made cinnamon rolls and cut some of them into bit sized pieces because Jake and me love bite sized anything you know.  So, while singing Frosty the Snowman and eating my bite sized cinnamon rolls I thought of this and Jake helped helped me do it this morning.

Even Doggy got in on the action!

Jake held the camera while I tried keeping Doggy out of my plate. 

These were easy peasy as mom likes to say.  Use those cinnamon rolls that are in the can.  Just cut one cinnamon roll in half for the middle section.  You can roll it into a circle or just lay it on top like I did and then cut your half cinnamon roll in half again.  It made 4 snow men with 1 cinnamon roll extra.  Now, I gotta figure out who gets the 4th one.

Hang on.  Jakes playing with my toy.  I gotta go get it.  I'll be right back.  Here are some pictures to look at.

Kay, I'm back!
Now, get up and go make these for the little snowmen or snow ladies in your life.

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