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Thursday, December 10, 2009 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

Last night I was adding patterns to my HomeSpun-Threads Shoppe. 
In the process I thought...

Hey wouldn't it be smart to put all my free downloads on here as well.
So they are ALL in one place.

I have some NEW ideas that I now have the time to apply to my website.
My blog is the heart of HomeSpun-Threads because it keeps track of my ideas, my works and my life.

Things I'm working on and are coming soon..

Boy Patterns - Do know how hard it is to find unique patterns online for boys?  There are a few good ones but I sew and I have 3 boys, there simply is no excuse to not have patterns and tutorials that revolve around boys from here on out.  No more "sissy" stuff, well, unless a little girl I know becomes the inspiration again.

Help Me! - How many moms out there have cool ideas that we need to share?  Or how many times have you wished you knew how to do something or make something and had no idea where to begin?  Raise your hand because we've all been there.

Collection of Ideas - Now, I'm going to be posting all of my own tutorials and patterns together right in my Shoppe.  So, the Shoppe will be absolutely full of Freebies and great patterns, products I've made that are ready to ship.

Sharing Resource - Do you have a PDF tutorial that you'd like to add to the HomeSpun-Threads Shoppe?  Where's why!  If it's free, be sure your credits are on your tutorial and send it too me.  What does this mean for you.  The number one thing is that once your PDF is uploaded, you'll have a direct link for your readers to download directly from your blog.  There's no need to pay someone to store your files online or to purchase your own domain and pay big bucks for hosting.  I'll give you the direct link and add your your tutorial to the Shoppe. The number two thing is that any of my customers will have direct access to your ideas.

There's more...but let's start with this.  I'm equally excited about all these opportunities and new ideas.


  1. Popping in from Buy Mom Made!
    Now following your blog...

    you can find me at

    Going to check out your shop!

  2. Yes please for boys! Girls inspire me, but my boys need equal treatment :-)

  3. I would love to see more "boy" crafts!!!

  4. so glad to hear you're making more boy things! it's SO hard to find fun stuff for boys.


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