Has the dust settled?

Monday, December 28, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Not at my house!  I'm stripping the playroom down and reorganizing toys, books, DVD's, VHS, dusting, you name it.  I'm pretty exhausted but while I'm doing all of this, I keep thinking about how I can make next year less hecktic.  Well, for one I'm doing my Christmas cards in November. (maybe).  Then I thought, why wouldn't I put items away for giving now.  What stops me from having a place to put gifts to give next year and storing them up so I spend less time at the mall or online and more time in the kitchen baking cookies and reading dreamy bedtime stories to my kids.  So, here's something I thought would make a nice gift. 

Printer get ready! 

I'm thinking this time of year, my grandmother makes the best pumpkin pies ever, my moms thumb print cookies are heaven and that chicken salad my preachers wife makes is divine, so why wouldn't I gather all of my favorites or tradition dishes and put them together in a pretty package.  Then I found Shabby Princes has a new download for free!

If you have trouble go here.

Using my photo programs, I can add the text to these cards and save them and have the whole collection ready to print as many times as I need to.  This girl is a genius, I love her!  So, I'm going to try before the New Year to call those family members and friends and have them e-mail me their best recipes for a beautiful collection that will be perfect for giving next year.  I'm thinking teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, and relatives!  This makes me so happy!

Oh here's a last minute thought.  Have your local photo printer, print these bad boys up and save the ink!


  1. Awesome idea! Dust hasn't settled here either! Oh, and I'm here from SITS. Happy Wednesday!


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