Every mom deserves to feel sexy (or at least smell good!)

Monday, December 28, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I made my first annual trip to Bath-n-Body Works today!  I say first annual because I haven't been all year and this will be a new tradition.  I walked into BNBW and started loading my shopping sack full of lotion and shower gel, hand sanitizer and a sleeping mask so I can get my beauty rest and the list goes on.  The sales girl rings up my total (which to my grand surprise still isn't enough for what I'm about to do) so I threw in some extras and I hand her this coupon for $10 off of $40 worth of products!


Yes, ladies this momma is going to smell good ALL FREAKIN' year long!  I scored $115 worth or products for 30 BUCKS!  I even plunked down a few extra dollars for a little something extra for Cooper.  My Sugar Daddy (aka Darling Husband) handed me a wad of dough ($30 to be exact) when I told him about the sale and coupon and my birthday coming up.  Of course I paid for the extra for Cooper and the tax.  What more could a girl ask for!

So tonight while I was clipping more coupons in bed with the Sunday paper that my Sugar Daddy bought me at closing time tonight (poor guy) along with my Hazelnut Creamer for my coffee, I noticed that my hips hurt from all the heavy cleaning, laundry and shopping I did today while sick...(cough, cough).  So what's a girl to do?  Pop into the shower and lather up then pop out and lather up again with some super sweet lotion.

I'm so YUMMMY right now! 

Why do I think you care?  Because I want you to save $85 and smell so pretty all year.  'Cause if you're a SAHM like me, you deserve it and probably need it. (even if your not a SAHM or even a mom for that matter you deserve it too.)

Love you my pretties...now, print the coupon and RUN!


  1. Thank you for finding this great deal!! I just grabbed over $100 worth of stuff for only about $40 (including s/h and tax!).

    I blogged about it on my site too!

  2. I got over a $130 worth of stuff and after all the sales, a $25 gift card, and the coupon you found I only spent 7 bucks!! Thanks!


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