Every little boy (or girl) needs a briefcase!

Monday, December 14, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

This little bag may not look like much but if you are a busy mom, this may just be your life saver.  Do you ever go out to eat and the restaurant gives you meager crayons to color a not so fun paper menu?  How about the doctors, do you take them to the doctors office only to find they want to get in the germy floor and flop around because they have nothing but health magazines to read?  Well, I'm sure you can think of a least 100 reasons in under 60 seconds why you need some sort of on the go entertainment for your little one.
Well, here it it!
You're little monster angel, will love this.  It is his very own briefcase.  One large pocket to store paper, activity books, favorite picture books, maybe even an eye spy bag.  Then a pocket that holds crayons all in a row.  Down below that is a pocket that can hold anything from those matchbox cars, magic tricks, scissors and even a pencil.  Fill this little sucker with anything your child might be interested in or let him do it himself.
I suppose if I had a single girl in my house, I might include much of the same things, except for some paper dolls or even a felt doll at the top instead of a "road" as shown.
Thrown in some felt clothes and your set.
download.  As for the appliques, if you machine embroiders, check out www.designsbyjuju.com for some great little numbers.  If not, design your own applique (I've heard that using coloring books is a good way to make your own applique designs). 

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