Designing Handbags with a HomeSpun Spin

Friday, December 04, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I paid a little visit to my favorite place on Earth and no it's not Disney World.  Try T.J.Maxx!  Yes, my squeezes, TJM is the BEST!  I almost want to say forget shopping thrift stores, just shop TJM clearance isle.  You'd wouldn't believe the finds I found today but my favorite is a sweet little number by Kathey Van Zeeland in a Marine Blue.

So I bought the bag for an even sweeter price, way more than half off the retail price.  Even my main squeeze thinks is SWEET!  While I was shopping bags, I was also putting photo images in my head because I couldn't find my cell phone to take pictures with them but I don't know when I bother sometimes when the images can all be googled these days.  And YES, I did buy a bag ( I like store bought ones too) and YES, I couldn't find my cell phone (tragic I know).

Anyway, I've had some images in my head for awhile and I'm trying my best to see them through onto paper, then onto fabric and again into a real live bag.  I LOVE putting a HomeSpun Spin on something that can be found in a store.  So, there was this one bag I liked and I could see it in my head with a HomeSpun Spin on it.  This is just the "prototype" but I'm perfecting the design so that the pattern will be available soon.  I'm hurrying...I've got tons more I want to try!

The picture does not do the bag justice so I'll have to do better another day.  I can't decide if the design is finished.  If feel like there's more to it but it's coming along.  Until then, I do have bags in my store that are old favorites that I finally put into patterns. I'm getting ready to make a handful of these that are custom ordered.  Remember that all my patterns have limited commercial license so feel free to make and sell on a small scale. ; )

I hope that tomorrow I will have finished several new bags.  I've got a special one for the kiddo's in your life just calling my name to finish.  So check back for that one!

I'm almost done with my Christmas Shopping!  Now, I need to finish my Christmas sewing! 

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