Some of My Etsy Favorites for Christmas

Saturday, November 21, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I'm totally into educational and natural toys this year and handmade toys are the best!
This rainbow captured my hear right away by Imaginationkids

I've been dying to Jakes room with vintage airplanes. 
This one by the Woodgarden's Shop is stunning.

Not only are these adorable, they are ADORABLE!
MiChiMa's Shop is full of the sweetest gifts for the kids this year!

I make my own EyeSpy Bags and I've found a great supplier of these charms.
Crackalackin's Shop is fully stocked, make your own or buy them made.

What a fabulous idea!  This is one of those where I say..."Why didn't I think of that?"
No Christmas Delivery thought. But check out MissPretty Pretty's shop.

How cute are these disks?  We all know how much fun these will be playing on Family Game Night.  Check out LemonTree'sStudio for this set.

The Womanwoodworkers Shop has the Cutest stuff.
My boys would go crazy for something this cool.

There's so many great things on Etsy.
Felt Play Food
Travel Games
Wooden Toys

This is one of my favorites.  How great of a gift would this be for all my nieces and nephews with a box of crayons and a great coloring book.

You know I get so tired of looking for gifts in the same old stores.  Plastic toys in cardboard boxes with 100's of ties.  With all the creativity in our world, you know there has to be some better alternatives.  I do not want to bring one more plastic race car set, train set, or load annoying plastic dump truck into my house for Christmas.
I want some quality gifts under my Christmas tree this year.
How about you?
Do you Etsy?

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  1. I etsy! The stuff is so great- And I love the idea that my money is going to a person- not a big company!! I blog my etsy finds all the time @

    I am so glad I read this post because my 7 yo wants to make ispy bottles at her next party in March and I was going out of my head trying to find tiny things- I love these mini s- thanks!!!!~!


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