Petal Pusher Boxes: Free PDF templates

I don't get much time to scour the internet but I was looking for some creative ways to package small items and I came across one idea that led me to another.

Sarah at Create Studio created these beautiful boxes with great instructions, but no template.  I needed a template so I made one and I wanted to share it with you.   Visit Sarah to see how the box is assembled and PRETTY please tell her you stopped by.  Along with the download is the below box which is the inspiration for Sarah's.  Only Sarah said she couldn't figure it out and made her own version.

Apparently, Lisa at A Spoonful of Sugar thought tiny little boxes were cute too because she copied hers from a small chocolate box her husband brought home.

I needed small boxes and now I'll have them!  I love stuff like this don't you.

Download Here!
Then visit the above mentioned blogs to find out how to assemble.  They're easy!  Let them know you visited too!

4 comments: said...

those are so cute! Thanks for sharing the link.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much perfect for wedding favours

Jeffrey said...

How to I tie the ribbon to bring all the sides evenly together?

Random said...

WOW How do you make these?

Your friend in Christ,


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