Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in my bucket!

Saturday, November 07, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I'm singing about this one.  In my sing songy voice..."I LOOOOOVE It."
Let me just tell you a little about this product and how I came across it.
Well, first I made a not so often stop into our local Fresh Market and was browsing the cleaner isle when I came to a line a products..."Whew!" I thought, "That's a lot more expensive than my Mr. Clean"  but let me tell you what this miracle bottle of potion has done for my house and my sanity!

I'm not in awe as much about it's cleaning power because it cleans as well as others but I'm more in awe over how it makes me feel about cleaning.

I was cleaning with my new found bottle of Mrs. Meyers  Clean Day in Basil Scent today and was in heaven the entire time.
I used to think there was NOTHING that could make my daily grind of cleaning up after 4 messy boys (one of which is darling husband)  enjoyable but I’ve found since my discovery that I have been cleaning for FUN!  Can you believe it!  I love this all purpose cleaner, I love the smell, I love that it’s safe and natural and that it cleans so well!  I’m in LOVE! 

I am so excited!  They have a whole line of products in this scent.  My laundry could smell like this, my windows, my hands, oh my!  It's fabulous.  The smell is so uplifting and fresh and I want all the rooms in my house to smell like this all of the time and did I mention that they have plug in air fresheners.

oh dryer sheets, dish soap...I want them all!
I swear if they don't want to do a giveaway, I'm doing one myself!  I'll go buy a bottle for a lucky reader.  I'd buy you all one except, well, you know.  I'm not Oprah.  
Seriously, now I'm off to finish mopping.  I literally had to sit down and tell you about this amazing product.  And you should see my sparkling bathroom, it hasn't sparkled like that in a... well, let's just a say it's been awhile.
Love you all!


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