Little Touches...

Sunday, November 08, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

A friend came over yesterday that hardly ever gets the chance to stop by.  I apologized for the appearance of my house and explained that the upstairs was the only clean part of my house and wondered if she believed me.  I was embarrassed of the candy wrappers, the messy kitchen from decorating cakes all morning, the food my kids drop on the floor, along with their clothes and toys.  Of course she said, oh, mine is just as bad but I don't believe her.  She actually walked through my house and said, you have the sweetest little touches all over the house. 


I have to say that right now my house is clean, the only dirty room is our bonus/play room and who cares about that right?  Well, I do and no one else.  That room is my next project after I finish the Laundry room, which by the way is almost finished.  I can't wait to show you what we've done with it.

Anyway, she inspired me to finish the curtains in my bonus room and finally hang up some of that fancy art work so here it is.

I had made the cornice board last summer with some great fabric and a staple gun and some boards I cut and nailed together.  Then I added the center piece by simply adding some black cording and then between the cording I added the coordinating fabric.    All I did was fold the visible edges under and butted them up next to the cord and stapled down on the back side.  Easy!  I swear this was SO easy!
I've been saving the rest of the fabric for months to add some panels. I only have enough left to do two more valances for the same room and some pillows.

I also had this beautiful artwork that I've been meaning to hang.
So, I think those poster board frames for $5 did a good job.
Don't you just love the pictures.
They are perfect for this bonus/playroom...
because Jake painted them in PlaySchool.
A two year old can paint the best pictures!

I just wanted to share because Lord knows not enough people drop by so I can show off my new window treatments and freshly hung artwork but I'm not sure I want them to on a messy bad day unless they notice
Little Touches.


  1. love the curtains! it's all super cute.

  2. Curtains look FABULOUS! I have the same house is always wrecked and someone stops in unexpectedly...when it is straightened up, I don't have any company. Go figure! My house has really taken a beating these last couple weeks, and I am seriously trying to get it cleaned up before Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Wish me luck on that one! (-:


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