Giving Thanks

Monday, November 23, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Oh my squeezes, I'm so sorry for neglecting you lately.  It was a rough and crazy week last week.  I do have to give praise for today, we are all healthy and ready for a new week.  I can not tell you how excited I am about Thanksgiving!  It's is probably my favorite holiday.  Christmas is pretty far up on the list but Thanksgiving is so relaxing.  There is no stress and my husband and I going "Black Friday" shopping this year.  I don't think we've done so since before my oldest was born, after his birth we'd been pretty broke.

I'm very thankful that reality hit my house a few years ago and my husband and I started paying off and pay off debit.  We've scrimped and saved, we've done without and have truly been humbled.

So, this year we have been blessed but it's not been without sacrifice, oh no. So I'm counting my blessing...

I'm so thankful for... oldest sons smarts and his new found willingness to do his work at school.

...children that entertain themselves even if they make huge messes.

...boys that love their momma.

...a husband that I love and works hard, and loves me back.

...friends and family that care. God who provides and His son who Saves.

...the little things that God has shown me this year through the hardships of others.

and there is so much more.

Now some treats for you!

For the rest of November if you buy a pattern, I will send you an additional pattern (single not a set) for free.  I can't tell you how many gifts I'm giving this year that are homemade.  I'm so tired or cheap plastic. ; )

There's something nice and warm about giving something handmade.  So, baby shoes, baby hands, eye spy bags, hand bags, crayon rolls, and so much more are going under the tree this year. 

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! 

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  1. you do have so much to be grateful for :)
    and homemade gifts are the BEST!


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