Another FREE sewing class!

Monday, October 05, 2009 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

Thursday, October 15th
6:30 PM
Location To Be Announced
Chattanooga/Ringgold, GA area!

Cost is FREE!

Please print the FREE PATTERN here!

Even if you have never sewn a stitch, come.
You can either practice or attempt the project.
Please read over pattern before coming.  Make notes about questions you have.

Fat  Quarter: is not just a quarter yard, it is a a 1/2 yard of fabric opened up and cut down the fold line.  The can now be purchased precut at Sew-Be-It in Ringgold, GA or at Wal-Mart and they are called (quick cuts).  Also check out, type in Fat Quarter in the search option and you'll get tons of fabrics.


Fabric Required by Pattern
Needles for Machine
Pins & Pin Cushion
1/2 yard of DecorBond by Pellon
( I can supply Decor Bond for $3.00 a yard)
(I can also supply magnetic snaps for $1.00)

Please do not bring fabrics that are stretch or have stretch.  Please only bring cotton fabric or poly cotton blends.  Stick to the basic fabrics at your local fabric store and you should be fine.

I chose this pattern because it is easy!  I also wanted you to be able to have something to make as Christmas gifts if you need to.  There are many, free sew patterns online these days.  There are also many great patterns on

Consider your first bag practice. ; )

Please e-mail me if you plan on attending.

For all of you use that sew,  I want to encourage you to reach out to your friends and community and offer free lessons as well.  It's so fun!

Oh!  Before I forget, I'll bring the drinks, if you all bring the appetizers!


  1. ahhh!!! i wished i lived anywhere near you! what a GREAT project! have fun!!!

  2. I got all excited because I thought it was online! Love your stuff♥ I'm printing the pattern anyhoo and I'll give it awhirl. THANKS.

  3. What a fun blog you have...wish I was closer for the sewing class! Please accept the "One Lovely Blog Award". Details on my blog,
    Best Wishes!


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