And the Winner is....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

For the Wedding Band from
Tungsten Wedding Rings is!

Number 41

I had exactly 50 entries all together!  Funny I thought there would be much more!  So it just seems weird that Anonymous won!  I can't even congratulate her but since she is passing on the prize, I'll let Mrs. Sizzle know she is the lucky winner....

Apparently, she needed it bad to.
Congratulations Sizzle!

Anonymous said...
I'm posting for Sizzle - her husband definitely needs to get a ring on his finger. He works hard, is a great father, and is training for a half marathon! And Sizzle has probably used up all of her creative ideas for gifts and surprises

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  1. Hey it's me Sizzle aka Christianne. I am so happy I won (kind of) I haven't ever won anything before!! I'll have to find out which of my amazing friends posted as anonymous!


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