It's AMOST HERE! Fall is almost HERE!

Saturday, September 12, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

Did I ever tell you that I love fall!  I love it!  The skys are still blue, the trees are many different colors, the air is crisp but not cold...oh how I love FALL!  I've only just started putting out fall decor, I've been busy and may not get to do much more.
Let me tell you about two of my favorite things shown here...almost 3 favorite.  Number one is my door arrangement.  That door bucket thingy is the best investment I've made...that sucker was$35 I think from Southern Living Home.  I stuff a piece of floral foam in it and got to town.  I was highly impressed with the selection of flowers and leaves at our Dollar Tree this year.  So, I bought 3 big sunflowers and tons of foliage and shoved (strategically placed) all of them.  Really, I put my 3 flowers in, and spread the rest big and open and literally shoved them in.  The leaves on my vine probably do look fake but fake is fabulous at my house!  50 cents for both at a yard sale plus a box of fake fall leaves that are on my mantel....

The number three thing that I almost love is my pots...(you'll have to go back and take notice) I've read that black makes everything better on Thrifty Decor Chick...mmmm, maybe!  But not as is...they look like cheap plastic pots...don't let that fool you, they are.  My idea is to put the words "Welcome" in gold on each with gold accents!  So we'll see how long that takes me to get around to doing!
The second thing (yeah, I know), the second thing is that I love to sew and it's just about time for me to get a major itch again.  Today it was these sweet little dresses for Halloween...I am going to do some fall in the next week if I can find all my materials.  So here is a close up. 
Of course I cannot just whip something together...I have to take my precious time and spend 3 hours on one dress.  Why!  Because I don't like serging!  I like FRENCH SEAMS.  click the link to learn how.  It's twice the sewing but a much more polished finish on the INSIDE!  blah...who cares as long as the outside is cute right???  ME  I care!

And it wouldn't be as adorable without this cutie pie pumpkin and his crooked little smile.
The series of dresses, shoes and gifts I am making are going in a shop in my hometown.  I'm shooting for 1 more week!


  1. so cute!
    I subscribe to your site via google reader. Could I ask... is there a reason you don't have your settings where your entire post shows up in my reader instead of only a snippet?
    just wondering.
    love your blog!

  2. OMG I want that dress so bad!!! It is so stinkin' caaaaaaaaauuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeee!

  3. I love autumn as well. I love the colors, the smells, the weather, the foods, the holidays...I love it all. Fun fall decorations. I am holding out until the 22 of this month. I try to make myself enjoy the last bits of summer before I jump into my favorite season.

  4. I'm thinking of having another kid just so I could make that cute dress...ok maybe not, but it's still the cutest!


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