Look for the UnExpected!

Friday, August 14, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

K, can you see  what I'm getting ready to show you?

Can you see it now?

Well, if you can't see it now, you'll need to step away from the computer and have your eyes checked. 
I read a post by a fellow blogger called Pumpkins.
She is over at "one thing", cute blog too.
So, when I saw her blog, I thought.  I wonder if anyone that passes my house, think the same thing, because if you look closely at the first picture above, you might also see several English Pea plants!
I also have these on my front porch so next year, I think we'll give pumpkins another try but maybe next time in an actual garden instead of letting them hijack my flower pots.


  1. how cool are pumpkins...you'll have some fabulous ones come autumn.....

  2. Way cool! Probably keeps varmints away since it's right up against your house.


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