Free Gift for Teachers!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Aimee Larsen 12 Comments

Receive a Free Copy of Games for Kids from the Recipes for Fun Collection
Here's what you do!
Leave a comment below about which one you want to receive and an e-mail address to send it to or e-mail me after leaving a comment.
Join as a follower of my blog if you haven't already.
Doing these two things will get you the set above.
To get an additional Recipe for Fun pack
Blog about this giveaway (= 1 additional )
E-mail Friends ( = 1 additional)
Follow me on Twitter (1 = additional)


  1. I would love to have a copy of Games for Kids! I think my 9 year old would love it!

    I already follow your blog via RSS Feed!

    monkiesmom at gmail dot com

  2. p.s. i meant to say that we would be passing the set along to either her 4th grade teacher or ss school teacher!

  3. i am now following you on twitter and i tweeted about the give away!

    for the second set can i choose a different pack? if so i would like the Study Skills 1, that will be great for my daughter. thanks so much for the give aways!

  4. I am a substitute teacher and the "Games for Kids" would be perfect for those days when there isn't enough to do or "study time." Kids never take advantage of free time!

  5. P.S. My email address is

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  7. WOOHOO! I just found your blog from homemade by jill. I love your site!! And of course I would love the games for kids:) Looks fantastic!

  8. I would love the games for kids!

  9. How cute! Thank you for a great blog. I will follow this up with an e-mail to you. Thanks so much. ~Wendi

  10. I would love the games for kids!

    I am now following your blog.
    I'm also following you on Twitter (Jennyinlalaland)

    I also blogged about this (made me open my blog for the first time in a LONG time LOL )

    I also e-mailed my son's past teachers about this so they can come and see!

  11. i just heard about your blog at aimeeasher love to have the study skills for my boys thank you

  12. Luv the the stuff you made and looking forward to getting a copy of it. Also just joined as follower.

    My e-mail addr :

    Thanks for sharing your work.


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