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is hAAAlarious!   
I started Grad school this week at my old stomping grounds, Berry College (all images courtesy of).  I noticed something pretty quickly while walking the campus from building to building...I don't fit in!
Well, at least with the Noon to 5 crowd.  I think my experience truly started in the bookstore.  First, I only needed two books...I remember getting my undergrad and spending 100's of dollars on supplies and books for 3 to 5 classes at a time.  Wow! They are expensive!  Oh, and you can by  "e-books" now...ummmm no thank you.
But as I stood in line in my dark denim jeans, my black T-Shirt, my fancy jewelry, and with my wedding ring and armed with pictures of my children to to show at any sec; I realized, these kids have NO IDEA!
I noticed a common theme among clothing and people, well there were select categories I could put them in, isn't that sad...that it was that obvious.  
1. The Art Student: happy, hippie students, listening to their music turned up so everyone good get a taste of "culture", wearing their very liberal clothing of long skirts, sandels, wraps, and having seriously crazy hair.  I lived with an Art major in college, let's just say they are a blessing to the masses for their individuality but yet, I can put them in a category all their own. Hmmmmm!
2.  The classic "preps" and wann be's - oh they try, and they try but some just don't get it.  Being preppy is an art of itself.  You have to have little creativity with style, be most everything you wear is pretty uniform even on casual days.  Let's see it's either short shorts and T-Shirts or "almost" dressed up.  This seems to be a popular category for the gays as well at this college.  And, it seems like most of the men...ackhmmm, I mean boys are just all out jumping up, feet together, excited about how the coffee in the beanery . This category also holds the athletes in the palm of its hand.
3.  The third group is the "student"  those that are casual, coming to school in the most comfortable clothes, possibly to study, and thinking that maybe being extra comfortable will help them pay attention, with their back packs on the backs and coffee or water bottle in one hand, they are "ready".  They usually take the simple approach to everything, from hair to the shoes on their feet.  It's all easy!  I think this was the category I was in.  I'd come to school in my PJ's having studied, but not enough.  This is also the category for the "students" who never want to leave!
4.  The forth and final group I'd have to say are the "Seniors" .  You can usually spot them, now you don't have to be a senior to be a senior.  You can simply be the select few of freshman, sophomore, or junior students that realize that college is serious business, costs alot of money and is preparing you for a world beyond your campus life.  Seniors are much different.  They know they are graduating soon and so much depends their final year and they finally stand taller, dress more professional and have a better sense of what is real.  Although, they really have no idea.  They are NOT the same students they were when they started college, same people, but not same students.  There majors and studies have shaped them and they are more prepared for what life has in store.  
See what I mean!
well, there is so much to experience I'm sure in Grad School but I tell ya, it's serious business.  I'll be very busy the next few weeks, preparing myself and organizing my life so that i can manage to do this for 2 years.
What amazes me about this picture...all the crap that came out of the car...and ya...this happens on campus!
Well, interested or not, you will be reading more about my experiences here in the future...I just had to share my initial experience.
Now, wish me luck!!!!
I gotta go study!

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