Man Up, Ladies! Cut your own Glass!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

I've asked and I've asked and I've asked for my husband to cut my glass for my sewing table...I only needed one little section.  Now, I know you might be thinking..."GLASS!  Is she crazy!  You have to have diamonds to cut glass...and I know that girl ain't got no diamonds!"

HaHa well, you can buy Plexiglas, ladies; at Lowes or HomeDepot in 1/4" thick pieces.  You can also by this cheap little scoring tool, as seen below.

Lay your Plexiglas on over the area you wish to cover and mark it with a permanent marker.  Then score, score, score until your wrist is killing you and then score some more, turn it over and score, score, score.  You get the picture right?

Then lay your glass on your score line at the edge of a table, PLEASE WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES...don't be a fool like me!  I just close my eyes...bad, bad!  Push and it should pop loose, one time, I had to wiggle it and it came apart easy.  Either way, it'll work.
Then place your glass where you want it, hide something special underneath.
 This was a treasure I found in a sewing box from my's a quilting pattern!  Want it???  It's sweet, right?  So, forget asking your husbands to do it all, just do it yourselves!


  1. Love your blog--but you misspelled (is that spelled right?) "your" in your Blog title. Thought you might want to know. Have a great day and keep the great ideas coming!

  2. yes it's spelled right, "your" something is wrong with the underlying image but once it finished loading it's correcting.

  3. I've given up asking hubby to cut things for me. I get tired of waiting for him to do. I just figure it out one way or another and do it myself. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Erin @ Upcycled UglyThursday, December 05, 2013

    Hey There! Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned and linked back to this post on a little tutorial I just did on cutting plexiglass. Thanks for the simple instructions! Erin @ Upcycled Ugly


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