Make Your Own Slushies!

Friday, July 31, 2009 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

No Mess!
No Machines!
Have your little ones color the backside of the cone with non-toxic crayons.
Lay your colored cone color side down on another sheet of paper and iron to
smooth and melt the wax.
Cut the cone and shape, glue edges together to form a cone and fold the bottom up, use a dot of glue to hold the bottom.  I used hot glue because it seals well and is fast!
Gather you cones, some spoons and some frozen Popsicle still in the plastic tubing.  Pound the Popsicle with a wooden spoon or just on a hard surface.
Cut the top open and squeeze!
 Grab a spoon and devour!


  1. This Idea is really good with the none toxic crayons. I was going to make slushies today but, with my magic bullet! I'm posting instructions on my blog - you can go check it out!

  2. Where do I find this blog? I want to make sugar free slushies or something of that nature for myself in my magic bullet ;)

  3. If you click on her name "crafty squirrel" it'll take you there.


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