I LOVE my new sewing table. DIY tutorial courtesy of my husband!

Saturday, July 11, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

Talk about a serious sewing table.  I love this thing!
My husband had an idea years ago when I had my store to make display tables out of old doors.  A shabby chic way of making them.  Originally, this is what he did and you can do it too.
2 old doors, paint each according to preference.  (white and periwinkle blue) shown above.
2" and 3" screws
a 2x4 for braces.
8 large "L" brackets
Here's how:
Choose one door for your table top, the other for the legs.  The top and bottom of the door chosen for the legs is the most stable so use those ends for your footings.
Basically you can cut about 12" out of the middle of the door using for the legs.  This depends on the height of the door.  I measured 30" from the top of the door and cut straight across, and 30" from the bottom and cut again.  Leaving a 12" section from the middle.

Attach the "legs" to the door that will serve as the top of your table using your "L" brackets, 4 for each door.  You'll do 2 on one side and 2 on the other.  Here is the picture of the braces underneath.
I painted the braces and brackets to match the table.  
Use the 2x4 for added stability.  Cut 2 12" pieces to create the "L"  then cut a vertical brace with a  45 degree cut on both ends.  Use your 2 and 3 inch screws to secure 2x4 braces.  You will need to screw throw the top of the table but if you sink the screw slightly, you can add putty and paint over.  
On old doors it may be necessary to pre-drill all holes to prevent splintering!
I LOVE power tools!
You have a table!
It was thrifty and you did it yourself!
Now, you tell me, how easy is that!
Tip: try to find old doors for the top that are solid, flat and have few recessed areas!


  1. That table is grand! Such a sweet Hubby!

  2. Neato!! I just bought an IKEA table to use as my sewing desk.

  3. I took an old office desk, covered it with some nice cheap fabric and a silicon cover...

  4. I love it! My hubby made me a cutting table from and old closet door, and we purchased folding table legs from Lowe's. Then when we move it, we can break it down!!!
    I have an idea for a machine table, but I can't find anyone to build it?
    I love your machine. I'd like to have one like that one. It will come in time!

  5. Looks great! I did the same kind of thing with recessed areas in the same spots on my door except my husband is a welder so I used pipe legs with flanges so it could be taken apart if we move. I was thinking of putting pictures in the recessed areas and then having a piece of glass cut to go over the top to make it all level.


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