Fabric Covered Boxes...beautiful & thrifty storage

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

Add a splash of color to any cardboard box.  Reuse boxes like I did or you can cover cardboard filing boxes.  The same method can be used for the lids of your storage boxes, too!
Lay your box on your fabric piece and make sure that all sides will be covered with the size of fabric you have.  I'm using grandma's old fabric to store my old sewing patterns, I think it's a great testament and something I'll keep forever.
You'll measure out at a 45 degree angle from each corner and cut.
You'll then want to cut 1 inch away from the corn as shown.
Fold fabric up on one side and over, hot glue all edges down and smooth.
Turn box and do the opposite side next!
for the remaining sides, iron over your edges 1" so that they will be flush with the edge of your box when you fold the fabric up.
glue down neatly the edges of the fabric on the two remaining sides
There you have it, a beautifully covered box for storage that!
Cardboard box
Hot Glue
Scissors or Rotary Cutter


  1. Love it!! I love that office chair too, wow!!

  2. Love this....would be great in my office...after covering my office chair.


  3. Why on earth did I never think of this before! Brilliant! I LOVE DIY blogs! Tottally digging my creative juices right now. Thanks for stopping by. Am following you now, please feel free to do the same!

    Love Nightingale

  4. I'm not even sure if you will see this on an older post, but how much fabric did you use for this box?


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