Eliminate the CHAOS at Dinner Time!

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Aimee Larsen 9 Comments

Repost: Original 7/20/09
I guess it won't hurt to show you my pantry.
My pantry is organized by sections.
I have snack foods such as crackers, chips and peanut butter on one shelf, canned goods on another, boxed goods have their own section.  Breakfast is a section all its own along with the baby food and even my table cloths are hung with care, right next to my mini vacuum for my downstairs rugs.
But what I really wanted to show you is how I organize meals for the week.

As you can see I have these plastic bins.  They are cheap and the perfect size for dry goods.  I have 5 of them because we always have "leftover night" just like the movie "Incredibles".  I also figure if God rests one day of the week, so should I, so we'll probably have fish sticks or sandwiches...something simple.  This also helps my husband out if he ever wants to fix dinner.  Everything is either in the pantry or the fridge.

So, on one night I plan to have meat loaf...yummm.  We love it.
I listed the ingrediants and sides and threw what I could in the bin.  The seasoning, onion, can of green beans, and yes, the powdered potatoes.  I hate peeling them and they tend to go bad so I buy the pouches of seasoned potatoes.  It works for us.
I also keep a running list of items we will need.  For example, we forgot to buy refried beans and sour cream.  That'll I have to stop for one day while I'm out anyway.  I also have a list of meal ideas for items we have in the pantry so I'll add additional items to the "go get'em" list to accompany what we may already have. 
So, that's how I eliminate the CHAOS at dinner time.


  1. wow. so very organized. i have a hard time cooking like this, especially this time of year with all the great stuff at the market to inspire (and distract) me. i admire this system, though, and will try implement it in some form. thanks for the peek!

  2. It's really great for dry goods and add your fresh ingrediants to your list so you can pick up stuff at the market to go with it. It works year round. Lucky you have a great market near you...we love when neighbors share their gardens too.

  3. I am in awe! I will have to try this out. There's nothing worse than realizing at 5:00 that you have no plan, and nothing that really goes together... I'm getting better at making lists, but this way I could do a bit more delegating. I like it!!!

  4. I clicked here form a link on "homemade by jill" she used your baby shoe pattern....

    wow- to be that organized, so impressive! I've enjoyed looking through your blog and we have the same name, just spelled different so that's fun too! :)

  5. What a great idea! I can't wait to show this to my husband and 16 year old daughter. I down loaded your little shoe pattern. I would love to try making them sometime. If I am good enough I will make and donate them to a birth choice organization in my area. Please sign me up for your blog. I don't see where it is that I am suppose to do that. Thanks so much! D

  6. I am totally going to do this! Brilliant!! I've been away from your blog for way too long!!!


  7. omgosh. very inspiring. how long does it take you to meal plan and organize this for a week?

  8. This is a great post! I really like this idea because it also tells the pantry raiders (who shall remain nameless) from using up something I have reserved for a meal!

  9. really awesome idea! I just just the bins to give it a try!


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