Back to School - Teachers First Week Tips and Free Gift Giveaway!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Teachers are real people too, they have families and a life outside of the classroom.
Summer vacation is a good break but the new school year is always on their mind.
Going back to school is exciting for children and can be stressful for teachers.
When I was teaching I was excited too but overwhelmed with the responsibilies at home
while preparing for the school year.  So, here is a little survival guide and a free gift for teachers!  At the end of this guide are instructions for receiving my free gift.
The Week before school preparation starts and the week of.
  • Make extras for dinner each night, tupperware them in individual packages, freeze. Viola! Frozen dinners for either lunch or dinner next week.
  • Get in the habit of getting up early now. You can ease into it but your goal is to get up at your normal school wake-up time. Remember, you need to be more awake than the students, SO go to bed early.
  • Procrastinate a bit?  Do all of the things you've been putting off all summer.
  • Organize your life ahead of time, make a daily schedule to you can stick to during the school year.   And don't forget to include relax or play time. Display your schedule in the hub of your home, right on the fridge.

The Weekend before school starts

  • Enjoy a night with the girls or go out for some coffee and chatting. Keep it low key, but enjoy the night.  Don't forget you still have to get up early!
  • Get up like you would normally get up on Monday - Getting your body acclimated to getting up early will help with the Monday alarm.
  • Exercise  - Make sure you work out now; it will give you the energy and strength; it will make you feel ready for anything that comes your way
  • While doing errands, fill up on gas - This will get you through the next week without having to worry about running out on your way to work.
  • Spend some time cleaning the house one last time - Again, you won't get to it during the week, so do it now.
  • Party out one last Saturday night - Watch SNL, Adult Swim, or go out if you can stay awake. You've got to celebrate that last weekend of freedom.
  • Again, get up as you would normally.
  • Relax in the afternoon after church - Enjoy your family, or have tea with a neighbor.
  • Order a pizza or Chinese for dinner - Why make dirty dishes the night before school?
  • Set out tomorrow's clothes, make a lunch, and set the alarm early.
  • Get to bed early - If you've been cleaning your house the entire day, you won't have those panic attacks in the middle of the night. You'll be sleeping instead. 
First Day of School
 Before school

  • Get up early...earlier than normal!  Give yourself extra time for the unexpected.
  • Accept that things will not go as planned, and that's half the fun of teaching

During school
  • Find a quiet moment to just breath and be thankful.

After school
  • Relish in one good thing from the day.
  • Work out
  • Eat - stick the leftovers in tupperware for lunch tomorrow
  • Grade/plan/relax
  • Plan a Friday night celebration!  It'll give you something to look forward to.
One of my favorite books is by Harry Wong, "The First Day of School".  It's inspiring!

Now, want to know how to get my free gift!  There are 4 ways, the more you do the more I send!
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Be sure to e-mail me to let me know how many of the things you have done and I'll send you, your free gift.  Giveaway ends August 5th!


  1. As a teacher prepping for next week, it is ALL true!! Very fun!

  2. I'm heading back into the classroom in three weeks. Everything you said is so true. I don't do a good job preparing myself to go back. I say it's like I'm walking on the beach and all of a sudden I hit a snow storm. I prepare my room in advance, but my sleeping habits and home habits not so much. I enjoyed reading your post.


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