Back to School Gift -German Schultute for back to school!

Monday, July 27, 2009 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

So, this year I wanted to do one better.  I grabbed up his school supply list and headed
out to the store for super cheap finds to go inside.  I found tons of good stuff and 
some special extras I think he'll love.  Here's the step by step instructions for making these.  You can click on images to see larger views.
 Using poster board, a string and pencil, draw out a curve from corner to corner, trace
the template out onto some fun wrapping paper, then take your template and roll it over
the edge of a table to create a curl, follow the line of the curves.
You'll then glue the template into the shape of a cone and cover it with the wrapping paper.
Cut strips of tissue paper, glue them together and then glue the long strip
around the inside of your cone.
Now get all the goodies for back to school and feel up your cone.

Tie with a pretty ribbon and give to your new back to schooler!
Use this idea to give other great gifts through the year and get your little one
involved in making them.


  1. My cousins always had photos with these..
    Do you have German in your family?

    Maybe I'll make one for Elias when he goes to school!

  2. I love your description of how to make these. My wife (from Germany) just launched a company that brings this tradition to the U.S. and we have been making these as a craft at the street festivals we've been using to promote the concept. We call them KinderCones as "Schultuete" is not the easiest word for Americans. Whether made by hand, or purchased, we hope the tradition of celebrating back-to-school with a gift catches on here.

  3. We do this as a family tradition! I do one on their first day of kindergarten.
    Both my husband and I have German last names. I was using scrap fabric, but I like the tissue paper idea, since they just toss it anyway.

  4. We have this as a family tradition! I make them for their first day of kindergarten. Both my husband and I have German last names. I've used fabric on the top, but I like the tissue paper better as they just get tossed.


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