Wake up your chid's bedroom! DIY Canopy that you make and design!

Thursday, June 11, 2009 Aimee Larsen 6 Comments

We had this old hula hoop in the garage and when I dug out 6 yards of muslin fabric, my brain put the two together.
I cut the 6 yards of fabric into two equal lengths and 2.5 feet from one end, folded it down and stitched a 2.5" channel to run the hula hoop through.
How'd I do that, I pulled the hula hoop apart and the connecting end, easy!

After sliding the hop through the channel that I stitched, I pulled the short ends of both pieces gathering at the center of the center of the hoop and tying it off with a 18" piece of grosgrain ribbon.. I hot glued the back seams together but they could have been sewn together before stitching the channel.
This is the underneath after gathering.
Throw a few great books under the canopy and a fun safari hat and it's like having summer camp in their own bedrooms. Now, I've got hunt up my the flashlights for a little extra fun!
Oh and if you are wondering about these great books.
They are the discovering God series by
Phillip W. Rodgers.
Turns out, after months of reading these books to my children I discovered the author and illustrator lives in my home town of Ringgold, that alone was exciting. Then I discovered that at one time, he actually lived behind us in our neighborhood...now that made my day!
To visit his website, go to the Discovering God Series
Now back to the canopy.
Simply screw a hook into the ceiling over the bed and attach the canopy to it by using the remainder of the grosgrain ribbon ends.


  1. CUTE!!! I bet your child will LOVE it!


  2. Cute, fun and easy! I linked to this!

  3. Awesome!!! I love that you repurposed a hula hoop for the frame! I posted a link to your tutorial at Craft Gossip Sewing:

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    Thank you,

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