Patriotic Crafts for Kids to Make

Sunday, June 28, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Here is a list of my all time favorite Patriotic Crafts.  There are 1000's out there but there are only a few that I thought were truly inspirational and can be used for many differnt kinds of parties or celebrations.  Take a look and use your own imaginations...the first is my favorite.
Family Fun shows us how to make this terribly cute table topper/center piece for you next blow out.  All you really need is a helium filled below, some curling ribbon and a basket.  For whatever occasion, what ever colors, use your imagination.  Baby showers, birthdays, maybe even weddings, this little decoration is sure to be a hit and your next gathering!

I just couldn't help myself when I saw this beauty.  Of course, leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with these decorations.  This made my list for the same reason as the previous decoration.  The idea is so versatile.  You don't have to do red, white and blue.  You can do any colors you desire.  Of course, nothing screams Patriotic like using the colors of pride!  Decorating for Christmas, a little girls birthday party, any festive occasion,  these could take the shape of snowflakes or flowers and so much more.  Give them a try
I went to a wedding a while back that had a "candy" bar.  It had many beautiful clear containers fill with candy.  Tiny take-out containers and tiny scoops.  So, when I saw this beautiful picture on Better Homes website I immediatly thought of that heavenly wedding.  Why wouldn't you do this for every holiday.  Just think; orange, reds, yellows, for Thanksgiving; red & green or blue & silver at Christmas, or even beautiful pastels and layered peeps at Easter.  YYUMMMO!
This may not be red, whit and blut but maybe it should be!  How beautiful is this Jello Mold by Porter House.  I acutally tried this the other day but it didn't turn out as pretty so I'm going to try again using these techniques.  I'm thinking that the next holiday will have ot have a layered Jello model in festive colors.  I'm looking forward to doing reds, oranges, yellows and more this fall!  
Now take these ideas and RUN with them!

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