Help!!! I need advice, kinda like "Rate My Office Space".

Friday, June 26, 2009 Aimee Larsen 6 Comments

So, I just got my "sewing room" back and I've decided to move my desk and filing cabinet into that room.  I figure it'll save me time from moving back and forth.  Also, since I am starting school this fall, I need a place I can study in peace.  Here's what I don't know what to do...
1.  The wall above needs something functional, cork board, even a mirror would be okay?
2.  CORDS!  I HATE them.  I hide them whenever possible.  They are always black and they alway stand out.  I thought maybe a pretty garbage bin or basket under my desk?
Please help me.  Lead me to some great tips.
Now, time to move my sewing area back into this room.
That is going to be a huge job and may not happen all in one day
I dread the mess.
I'm excited about my new space.
Thanks you guys!


  1. What about one on those fabric boards (sorry drawing a blank on the name at the moment) with ribbon that criss-crosses all over can put pictures, notes, whatever you need up there.....and maybe make a curtain on the back side of the desk,(you could even put it on a shower tension rod) then you will see the fabric back there and not cords? I hope you understand what I am trying to say, lol!

  2. Here's a link to that memo board I was talking about, lol!

  3. Here's another link kinda demonstrating what I meant by the curtain under the desk

  4. THANK YOU! I've had several people e-mail me with some great lets see. What should I try???

  5. I made these for my studio:
    And there's also always those "ugly but not quite as ugly as random cords" black cord keeper tube thingies that may help to contain the cord mess a bit. Have fun!

  6. I really like the peg board you made! I've made some of those before, but I love that you used foam and peg board! (I used foam core board and batting...not as sturdy). I hate cords too! The first thing I always do is if the item is going to be stationary and you won't ever have to move it around - like your printer or lamp - I put it where it's going to be, and then I gather all the extra cord in the middle of it somewhere and wind/fold it into a loop or something and tie a twisty tie around it (or anything to keep it together). I do all this right at the spot where it will be hiding behind some furniture and out of site! Then all you see is the cord going straight up the wall and right to the also helps keep them all organized and untangled. Hope that helps. Good luck! That is exciting to have your own room for all your stuff!


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