Where have I been?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

 Many of you know that I took some time away from my blog to do a consignment sale.  So, I thought I'd share some photo's of what that involved.
First we rented a warehouse that we used to house all of our consignors items for one week.  This was a swift consignment sale, no lingering of items for months on end, with consignors wondering if they've sold items.  Then, we put signs out.
Well, we attempted too.  Turns out our city has strict ordinances on signs so as a result we had to put them outside the city limits.  Note to self: next time make sure the signs are allowed.
We bought racks and built them so that we could hang clothing neatly and display items such as shoes and accessories in an orderly manner.
We also took items all week so our selection never looked depleted.
We took large and small toys, play yards, baby gyms, you name it, even beds and strollers and like I said, the stuff kept coming all week.
No other weekly conignment sale that we know of also specializes in junior size clothing.  This was a HUGE hit.  Do you know how many parents brought in their children's expensive clothing to resell?  It's unreal what kids spend on clothing just to out grow.  Also a perfect opportunity to stock up on gently used items in the name brands they love.
Shoes were a big hit, especially girls shoes.  WOW!
Each consignor is responsible for bringing in their items tagged and ready to sell, it was our job to get people there to shop and we felt for our first time, we were a success.  Hopefully, next time will be bigger and better for Kendalls-Kloset.
It's alot of work!
As a matter of fact I think next time I'm going to take a back seat and help with the website, advertising, instead, I'm not sure I can handle doing this again with my 3 kids in tow.  It was good to see familiar faces and meet new ones though.
So that's where I've been for the month of April!


  1. Wow...I can only imagine how much work it took...the pictures are great...fabulous job.....I'm glad it was a success for you.....whoooo hooo....

  2. It looks great! Glad it was successful. I love a good consignment sale!


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