Results of a One Year Old Terror!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Yes, this is my good china. It's old! Imagine my surprise when I found out he'd been pulling them out of the cabinet.
Please take a good look at this picture.
Notice my car keys in the floor.
Notice the glistening floor and the sparkly cabinets
That is simple the result of this...
Notice the steady stream...
Want to know how this happened?
I kept hearing water cutting on and off and for some reason my brain assumed it was the laundry. Then I started hearing a popping noise in the kitchen.
I thought, it sounded like grease popping and was afraid I'd find something hot.
Something wet was what I found and I knew exactly what happened.
Our idiot plumbers first didn't know how to plumb a house.
Then they put the faucet on the side I didn't want it on, the side the children could reach. Then they made the pee trap to long and had to cut a hole in my kitchen ceiling to shorten it, thus the square in the ceiling that is now very visible.
Is it worth fixing right now?
Should we just wait until our children are grown and then fix it.
For as long as they are little, this will just keep happening.
They splash in the tub, they pour water from containers into the floor, etc
My poor ceiling.
: (


  1. oh my goodness! I am so sorry. Believe me I know how that feels! When matt was fixing the roof one time the stuff he had up on it blew off in a storm, and we started having water leak into our house all over, our windows and stuff. It was like it was raining inside!!! It always reminds me of that old Tom Hanks movie. Money Pit. That movie is too funny, and sadly too realistic!! lol. I know its a hassle though.

  2. My mother had plates just like that! I wonder what happened to them, I haven't seen them for ages. The funny thing is my mom lives in South Africa. When I was a child that was our good plates. Sorry about your ceiling, but you know children grow up very quickly, next thing you know they go to college - then fix the ceiling! In the mean time, just keep patching....


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