Make your Own Headbands for Summer!

Friday, May 29, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Awe!  I've found a new love!
I found this headband pattern and instructions from one of my favorite blogs!

It's located at Between the!
IT was super simple and you could almost use any scrap fabrics that you have.
I used a piece of old cloth from my Grandmother Stash.

Why does this excite me?  Because!  It's a new accessory to go with my favorite Kelly Green Jersey skirt and adds a little something extra.  Especially since I only love to wear it with my white T!  Now, I just need to take what's left and make a small "scarf" to tie around my handbag!  EEE!
I'm telling you, this took about 5 minutes and the instructions were so clear and easy.
Now!  Show me yours!

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  1. Your headband looks lovely! I like how you used your grandma's fabric - it just adds something more to it!
    Thanks for referring - when I wrote this tutorial I had no idea so many people would think it useful... It makes me really happy to see those headbands show up everywhere! Many thanks!!


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