I'm Baaackkk!

Thursday, May 21, 2009 Aimee Larsen 7 Comments

You're probably wondering if I've actually been gone.
Well, yes!
My crafty, sewing side had escaped and I found her.
So, it's been a VERY long time since I've whipped up one of these.
I made this for a friend from church.
It's a VERY LONG over due baby shower gift.
She finally picked out what she wanted.
Now that I have my sewing area in pretty good order.
I'm going to be whipping up some great stuff.
I sell my Pattern/Tutorial
on Etsy!
for my Blog readers only...
Until the end of May, I'm offering you my pattern for FREE
but here's what I want you to do.
Follow Me...and then e-mail me for the pattern.
I'll e-mail you the PDF file.
I made these bags as a stay at home mom for 5 years.
Well, I should say WAHM because I ran a company from my home
and outside my home with a storefront and manufacturing.
So, if you can sew the least little bit, you can learn to make and design your own bags.
This I want to do for you!
So, if you think you'd like the pattern/sutorial let me know and I'll send it right over.
Oh and I did this one!
This pattern is for sale in my shop.
I'll give it away another day!


  1. I'd love to get sewing again.....would you send it to me please?? Thanks ever so much!


  2. ok tell me how you do these, i told kane last night i wanted him to get me the equipment as an early christmas present and me starting doing these :) i dont know how sewign illeterate i am but i should would LOVE to try it..... i love this bag you made for me, I AM SO EXCITED :)

  3. oh yeah...>I"m already a follower...I would love this.....

  4. OOOO me, me!!! I would love to have this pattern. The lady that I had been buying my purses from quit making them. So I would love to make this for myself!!

  5. I love to have the pattern! I still wish you'd do sewing lessons. I'd sign up for that.

  6. I would love this pattern..andreabclark@sbcglobal.net

  7. I would love to have this pattern - it looks great!! bshorton_2000@yahoo.com


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