A Dr. Seuss Birthday Party in the Making

Monday, May 11, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

this poem is totally copyrighted by ME! ; )
first on the list of things to do is collect containers and make this!
it's just like oobleck only cleaner.
This is an super idea!  Pin the hat on the Cat!
Another fun game!
what about fish?  Should we fish for fish?
Yes, this is a cookie jar but how COOL would this be as a REAL cake!
Super Cute! but these can't stand the heat.
or one like this eve!
I have to make these!  Aren't they fun and put them in a goody back one by one!
NOW...this is my kind of cake!
Green Eggs &  Ham!  OOOOHHH Can't forget "Roast Beast"
I'm thinking these oversized flowers are really cool!
Anything to add to the Suess charm is welcome at this party!  Now, were can I find one of these SUPER cheap???
Oh the places my mind will go!
Make and Takes has two great ideas.  One is an activity for "Wocket in my Pocket".
And an activity for "The Foot Book" which is probably my favorite because Cooper used to make me read it 1000's times a night.
oh and
Skip to my Lou had this craft project!
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Pencils

 & her cutie patootie also has a cool hat.

I'm going to keep adding ideas I run across or have to this post so check back!
Remember my blog is my filing system.


  1. looks so fun! i love the poem, great job!

  2. nice birthday party ideas!

  3. Very very cute! We did a Dr. Seuss party for our oldest daughter's first birthday. It was very fun! Our cake was like the Cat in the Hats.

  4. Oh these look so fun!! You have been doing a lot of research;)

  5. These are fantastic! I know you left facebook Amiee but I did want you to know that I am sharing your blog with my fb fan peeps! They are going to LOVE you!
    Here is my link:
    Stay Strong Sweetie!
    Grace, Peace and Truth!


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