New to photography? Me too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Okay, I've had this camera a year.  It's a Kodak Z710 and I loved it when I bought it.  I loved it for the "optical zoom" feature but I didn't really know how to use it.  Really...I still don't!
I would never have been able to take this picture before.
It's from 20 feet away, at dusk and without flash.
What did I do?
Well, incase you are one of those that would like to learn, like me...
this is what I did.
I increased my ISO setting and the rate at which the shutter opened and closed.
I got out my manual and read it last night.  Probably should have done that before.

Now!  I realize these aren't the best photographs but I'm just impressed with the clarity I've gotten.  If you'll read my earlier posts about my camera issues, you'll understand.
These shoots I'm sure could be better with practice and with more knowledge of my camera but these are not retouched.  These are what I saw as well.  My boys fighting over a dump truck.  Looking at me for a decision and all I can do is snap photo's.

This picture was dark every time I tried to take it.  I made another adjustment and it was SO much better.
Again, this would have been blurry and too dark before.
I'm SO happy!
Oh, please ignore my yard.
We haven't done any yard work in weeks.
I have no flowers yet, I'm waiting for the last frost.
I want tulips and pansies next year. this was the result of my backyard efforts while photographing the kids.
I managed to throw away a pile of broken toys, and clean up our yard by putting toys back into the play area.  Please ignore the dog trails.  Hopefully, now our grass will grow again.
Sadly...this was the before!

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  1. These are great! Yep, raising the ISO can really help a lot (you just have to watch for things being too grainy, but these look great.) That's great that you are experimenting with your camera!


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