My Life is a Sitcom!

Monday, April 06, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I think that one of my little boys may have OCD.  I walked in to my bathroom, only to find three of the most beloved cars lined up neatly at my closet door.  Yes, poor LightQueen as Evan calls him, has seen his fair share of the great outdoors and our 25 cent train from the thrift store has been my best investment thus far. ; )  I often here the sound of these cars running back and forth across my bathroom floor at rapid speeds.

two things about this picture
1. My baby looks SO big.
2. This is a reoccurance of a sleeping position.  He starts off on the couch with his head under a pillow, curled up in a ball and after a few hours...this is how he's sleeping.
Besides throwing his food on the floor in the kitchen, this is Jakes current obsession.  Thomas the train...any train is Thomas.  This is him pushing his train way out and then tucking his arms behind him and rocking on his belly.  Don't ask me???
two out of three of my boys have these eyes but this one knows how to use them.

Don't ask me which kids took pictures with my camera this time...

Jake gets all dress up for a birthday party he slept through.  

Is this brotherly love or what?
I told my husband last night that real life is better than those on TV.  If you take snipets out of our week and combine them in a 22 minute sitcom, you'd have a pretty good show.  I mean with in laws, church friends, reports from school, and everything else.  I think just Cooperisms would make the cut.  I know I'm not the only one.


  1. Max takes pictures with my camera all the time and I don't find them until I download pictures!Boys got to love them. Those blue eyes!!!!! He is gonna get lots of girls with those one of these days!

  2. too funny...and I'm with ya...I only have one with those eyes..(curse my husband) and at one he already can work some magic with them....I'm doomed


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