Love Comes Softly...

Saturday, April 04, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

it really does! A few days ago I drove down to my old college stomping grounds to take a test for their masters program.
While driving I started remembering what it felt like to be in college.
To be there for a purpose, to become someone but the main reason I had to finish
as soon as possilbe was because I was ready to start
my new life.
I knew I'd love him...I knew he'd love me.
I knew we'd have a family.
I knew we'd have a life together.
We had a small wedding in a small, church at my college. It was Frost Chapel and even the pews were made by hand. Large stones for floors. I didn't need much to be beautiful...just some candle light.
Our story began years ago
before that day.
I hope it continues on the same beautiful path!
Boy do we look young! We don't really feel that different. 8 years goes by fast.
This little going to graduate highschool soon...
Should I be sad, thinking about time and how fast it makes our present our past.
probably not
but... I do. Time makes me mad. It goes by to fast everyday.
It makes me want to run faster.
It makes me want to out run it. Play harder.
fight with more passion.....
love with just as much.
cuddle longer
kiss longer
cry harder
I love life...i love my life.
I love my memories.... I love the future and what it holds.
I love not knowing but I love knowing that God knows.
So! I those dreams I had years ago have been realized and in their own time, in their own ways.
I do wonder what
the future holds. P.S. I just wanted to post this and it had nothing really to do with my anniversary which is March 10th, the most perfect day we could have asked for!


  1. I guess we share the same wedding anniversary as we are celebrating 28 today!! It does fly by, doesn't it???


  2. I didn't know you went to Berry...I gratuated from Shorter in 2004. I've been to a few weddings at Frost, and a few worship services there too. It's absolutely beautiful, and April is a perfect month for a wedding at Frost Chapel. Congratulations and it's encouraging to see how strong your love has grown over the past 8 years of your marriage. Enjoy your anniversary!


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