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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Aimee Larsen 7 Comments

So!  Any of my friends that know me personally know how much I have struggled for about 10 years with my weight.  Some of you may know that it was suspected to be my thyroid and that is still true.  I finally went to the doctor today for a yearly check up but didn't want to because I know there is something wrong.  If I didn't eat right, I'd get it; if I didn't exercise, I'd get it but I do both, I chase 3 kids, I barely eat and yet.  Here I am, large and in charge.
Now, I don't look at myself in the mirror and think MAN, I'm HUGE!  I look and see what I see and go on about my day.  Then, somedays I remember back when I thought to myself, do I look better naked or with clothes and actually said to myself "NAKED for sure!"  Not anymore!
So, I'm laying it out for you!  You are all my dear friends and I know we all have issues but these I can not help.  It appears that small details in my life have grown into problems that now can no longer be ignored.  I was told today that not only is my thyroid enlarged but I have all the symptoms of having Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome.  WHAT?  I have three kids...is that possible.  Yep!  If you believe in God it is.  So, I had my suspicions about this when I was trying to get pregnant with number 2.  It just wouldn't happen.  The thyroid problem was mentioned by my mother and my doctor agreed but there was no follow up....my fault.  Evan was conceived and I moved on.
Now it also seems that in having one or the other I've also developed a resistance to insulin which is another reason why I can not lose weight, why I gain weight and why I grave starch.  (I don't crave sugar, never have) Doc explained the obvious and "I know, I know" I've been there was what I felt like saying.  I had gestational, diabetes 3 times.  He strongly suggested a diet!
Well, what diet you might ask?  He said that those who have what I have do very well on the South Beach Diet.  Low carb but some carb and only complex carbs at that.  Lean means, mostly fish, lots of fresh veggies.  Actually my heart skips a beat because I do love to eat healthy!  So, if any of you dear friend and readers out there have done or are on this diet, we need to hook up!
One last thing, my blood preassure.  Normally it has been normal to low until today.  It is on the rise.  So, all of these issues are no big deal if treated but it's the treatment that's going to be annoying.  Actually, I'll probably do just fine and be pleased with the results.  I truly don't know what to think right now.
Please give support, say a prayer and send me a line when you can of encouragement. 
Love You All!


  1. I am not sure if I can say it all here, but feel free to email me.
    Battling weight for a good fifteen years. Have PCOS, have borderline BP, borderline thyroid, etc.
    Did not have gestational diabetes in any of my pregnancies but everything else, I could have written.
    I've lost over 50lbs since last July. It has not been easy. I did South Beach Diet a few years ago, it worked at first, then nope, no longer worked. Did WW twice. First time lost 20lbs right off, second time only 7lbs. I will say WW taught me a lot about food, and I use the point system on my cheat days (one a week) but WW to me was not a life diet I could live with and neither was South Beach or Adkins.
    Right now my diet comes from realage.com and the YOU on a diet book by Dr. Oz. Its doable. Its life changing. I've been able to stick with it since last August. I tell everyone because I think it really is for everyone. But I have had help. I am not going to lie. I took Adipex for 90 days in the beginning, got off of it for 90 days, and then have done another 90 days. I used it as a tool to help with cravings and I did it all under my OB/GYNs care (not one of those doc in the box weight loss places - not that they are horrible). When I was on it, I kept a food diary and exercise diet. I ate using the principles from realage, (its FREE) I did the exercises that was recommended in the YOU books and on realage. I used the meds to train myself, to reteach, form new habits because like you, I ate well for the most part and did not eat a ton of food. I eat four or five times the food I ate a year ago and learned about what I was doing wrong that kept me in this state! I don't suggest you get on meds, but I think people should know they are out there and can be used responsibly as a tool, not a crutch.
    Its not easy. I had to put my foot down with my dh and kids and tell them straight up that I needed X amount of time for continuous exercise. I take that time, not make it. We eat differently, all of us. Sure the kids still get their junk and processed foods at times, but its different now. If you have read over at my blog you may have seen where my husband has been having high blood pressure. It got so bad one night, I thought he was going to have a stroke. He has been doing the DASH diet and we had his follow up with the cardiologist today. His BP at his last visit was 144/96 and today it was 108/66. (so no meds, but to keep it that way this is a life change)
    I will be praying for you. I know the struggle, but you can do it. I know that when I exercise, I spend a good deal of that time in prayer and meditation and its definitely kept me steadfast.

  2. I have PCOS. Thyroid issues are major in my family even though my tests always come back normal but I can not loose weight. It is awful to try and get 10 pounds max!!! I feel you sister. If you ever need to talk give me a call!!!
    There is a diet called the insulin resistant diet (which is what your are when you have PCOS) and I started it right before I found out I was pregnant with Wesley. I found a book at Mckay's for pretty cheap. It is a high high protein diet with less carbs but not a true low carb diet. It balance out all carbs with extra protein. It has lot of good recipes in it. Sugar busters and Sumersize are two others my OB/GYN suggested.

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for all the information! There is SO much to take in. I feel like my life is already a mess and then I'm adding this...well, I shouldn't say a mess, just hectic. I do everything possible to slow it down. I tell ya, I'm truly glad I'm not alone. I am dying to go to McKay's tomorrow. I'm hoping to make a quick trip. When I was pregnant I was on a strict diet which to me was much like the ones that are out there. I suppose now I'm more interested in fixing the problems and praying that the weight fixes itself along the way. Of course with dieting...it really is a life style change. I'm bad not to eat and the gorging myself late in the day...BAD! I'm going to re-read all the comments and e-mails again I've received and try to take it all in so please be patient with me about responding and THANK YOU!

  4. Thinking of you, Aimee. Don't be too hard on yourself x

  5. I have just been diagnosed with PCOS as well. Please keep me updated on what helps with your diet because I also cannot lose weight no matter what!

    My obgyn estimates that i have had PCOS since I started my first period but until I didn't catch it until I wanted a baby and found out I was having fertility problems. I am roughly 50lbs overweight.

    I will absoluetly say a prayer for you.

  6. Wow, I definitely feel for you. I've always battled with my weight. One diet I really like is the GI Diet. Great cookbooks and a great lifestyle change.

    BUT the book I'd most recommend for you is by Jillian Michaels, the Biggest Loser trainer. It's her latest called Master Your Metabolism. She talks a lot about how the foods we eat and the things in our environment (plastics, chemicals on foods, toiletries, etc) release estrogen like hormones that really mess up our bodies. She also talks about a lot of the issues you are dealing with: insulin resistance, PCOS, and Thyroid issues too. I read your post and immediately thought of this book and lifestyle.

    I've cut out artificial sweeteners, I'm eating all organic when possible, avoiding plastic containers, going organic for toiletries, etc. I'm also working out a lot more and I've lost 5 pounds already in 2 weeks. I feel so much better as well. Less fatigued, no headaches, not craving things that are bad for me. It's made me very aware of all of the bad chemicals, preservatives, and fillers in my food.

    I tell you though, it was actually jaw dropping reading this book at points. I was shocked to find out how all of these environmental estrogens and hormones get into our diets and bodies. I checked the book out from the library and liked it so much I had to buy it. I got it on Amazon for pretty cheap. I hope this helps some. I'll keep you in my prayers. Good Luck!

  7. Good for you for getting checked out! I hope things start to change for the better soon. I have a serious weight problem that has been life long, and I struggle with it all the time. I find the "fat smash" diet works well for me, and it's not too terribly different from south beach. I'm sure it will do great things for you! I have found that when I lose weight, my blood pressure improves, so hopefully that will be the case for you as well. Good luck and stay focused! This is just an opportunity for you to make yourself healthier!


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