Generation Flash, Kevin Meyers!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I have this friend from high school named Kevin, Kevin Meyers.  Any of you from Ringgold that read this may remember him...I'm sure you would.  He was one of the sweeter guys from back then.  Many months back He and his family started coming to our church.  I was SO excited to see them...his wife Amanda is awesome.

Kevin's grandfather passed away over the weekend and I invited them to my house for a Sunday lunch...sorry the pictures are bad.  I'd fixed a big pot of chicken and dumplins in the crock pot...well, I thought I had...they were cold.  Something told me at church that my dumplins were sitting in a cold crock pot.  Needless to say they were but took less than 10 minutes to heat.  So that worked.

Anyway, Kevin and I grew up together.  We went to elementary school - high school together.  So, when his three kids and our three kids were all sitting around my kitchen table (one munchkin is not pictured) it was like a flash!  It was sort of a reality that hit home.  We are growing old as our children grow up and they are filling our once small shoes. 

I'm proud to say that I think both Kevn's family and ours are growing up much like we did.  We keep things simple.  They would rather be outside playing, using  muscles to climb trees or imaginations to build a secret club in the woods.  They would rather rake leaves in the woods to form a path and run Tonka bulldozers down it to keep it clean.  My hope is that this next generation we are raising has some deep seeded family values, a sense of purpose and isn't afraid of a rope swing.  Not that we're a bunch of hill have nice things but I think sometimes, what kids miss these days is the chance to see what they can do without fancy gadgets.  Whither it be the wading pool in the back yard full of bubbles and a slippery slide or a restful evening indoors playing GI Joe in the floor.  Making roads for hot wheels and fashioning swords our of cardboard and duck tape.  Man I could go on and on.

We finished off our Sunday lunch with a look at my high school year book because James could not remember the people Kevin and I were talking about...poor James.  A few seriously awesome laughs and playing Mexican Train.

I love getting my family all cleaned up and going to an awesome church service were the choir sings and sings and the preacher preaches his heart out and we all feel like we've worshiped the Father that truly gives us everything and never looked at the clock to see that most church folks have been at the restaurants for 30 minutes already and then we all file to a warm cozy house to good home cooked food and just relax!  No yard work, no fishing, no ball games, no laundry...simple times with awesome friends and memories that we'll keep for a long time. Those mean heads shown in this picture...Buddy Bears Playhouse on Friday Night!  Good times too!


  1. the way life should be....honest work....honest play...and and innocence.....

  2. i love this. That is exactly how I love for Sunday's to be.. and nothing is better than Chicken and Dumplings.


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