Puppy Love

Thursday, February 05, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

This my husband James and this is my favorite picture of him, ever. Something about being a new Daddy again, the tired in his eyes he won't own up to and the sense of pride in his easy smile. James and I have been in love since we were freshman in high school. I still love him with that puppy dog love that I felt when we were kids. I knew he was the one for me and I know people might think that's crazy but it's not. See, in middle school he beat up my boyfriend for hitting him in the back with an ice cream. James was tall in middle school and very broad. He had these very wide, mature shoulders and played football and I was best friends with his step sister. I always thought he was "cute" and "sweet" and he secretly liked me too. So, when I'd go to his sister's house we'd flirt and he and his friends would fight over my attention. It was charming! (roll of the eyes). Then our freshman year I was seeing this older guy and I was "in love" with him and he broke my heart and I acted really stupid about it. I tried to make that guy jealous and James knew I was hurt. The next thing I know we are in the bleachers, James and I, and I'm trying to make this other guy jealous by talking to James. and he's doing his best to keep me from acting stupid and all I wanted to do was make the guy jealous It didn't work! But the next day his sister and I were on the phone and she said "we just need to find you someone else" I said, "what about your brother." Well, she thought it was a good idea. "JAAAAMIIEE," she yelled, "will you go out with AAAAIMMMEEE??" He came into the room and said "sure". Just a quite sure and picked up the phone. We talked! The next Monday at school we were walking down a flight of steps and when we got to the bottom, he reached around me and opened the door.
That was the moment!
That was when I knew I would LOVE this guy!
all the while not knowing he'd always been secretly in love with me...
It wasn't just the fact he opened the door, he did it with reverence and respect and my mom always said, "You need to find a guy that respects you." It was like one of Oprah's "awe" moments. Also, I was his first kiss!
So, we stayed in LOVE through high school, through college, and all the way to today. Our love has changed I gues but the foundation of our love hasn't. He's my soul mate, truly. He's my touchstone. I miss him, when we don't spend much time together. I want him near me, I want him to be around. We've both changed through the years but we are in a good place! I love crawling in our big bed and knowing every night he's there. Most nights we are too tired to say good night but some nights we can talk, laugh, cry, hold each other, love each other. We have had 3 very beautiful children. The children we'd talked about for 10 years before we'd had them. The are perfect! They are part of my husband and part me. We've grown closer and there is a trust there that is amazing. We were each others firsts years ago. There was comfort in knowing that my husband was truly mine. And I'm not sure anyone experiences that anymore. I've had fights...big ones...sometime they'd go on for days. All in all, it's been a beautiful life with him. He's not a romantic, he doesn't bring me flowers or cards or talk sweet nothings, not as affectionate as some but affectionate when he needs to be and is good at it. when he is He's very serious, very realistic, the poor guy had been through alot growing up so I hope that I've made his life better, I think I have. He's made mine the most amazing life I could ask for. We don't have as much as some people but we have SO much more than most. I love this man, I love him, I love him, I love him! In loving him, I've learned to love.


  1. You make such a lovely family x

  2. Oh my. This just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I, too, am the wife of a man who isn't a romantic type. But that's just fine and dandy with me. Because it's the random moments when he writes "I love you" on the shower wall with Super B's bath crayons, or when he takes out the garbage without me asking that melts my heart. Who needs candles and roses when you've got a fun-loving, strong man - who is your best friend - to love every single day.

    It's such a blessing to be married for as long as we have and still be able to say that we are married to our best friend. That is the most wonderful blessing a woman could ever receive! I'll trade a million candlelight dinners for just one of his smiles.

    GREAT post!

  3. So sweet!! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  4. What a wonderful story....and what a wonderful guy....love the pic....

  5. Hey I think I finally got it to work. Anyway I know what you mean about young love. I got married at 18 and dated Matt for awhile while I was still in highschool. I feel like when you know you know. I knew the minute I met Matt that we would get married. We will be married 10 years this coming July !!


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