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Monday, February 23, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments if Lyndsay Johnson needed another something to do.
She has opened a new blog called Lickable Spoon.  It's a new recipe sharing blog and she'll put your top recipe on a printable index size card.  She's so awesome and she's all this and literally is about to pop preggo.  I just love reading Lyndsay's blog, she so awesome.
So, go check out her blog and submit your recipes and if yours gets posted on her blog, let me know.  I'll have to try it. 
On another note or maybe the same... a friend of mine has just moved in with me.  In this economy she found herself without means to support herself and her little man.  So until she gets back on her feet she's in a safe place and basically this girl is awesome too!  I'm just so thankful that I am so blessed to have a place to offer her for just a little while and look what she brought with her.  I think if this little guy was on a spoon, I'd submit him to the recipe blog...let's see how would it go.
Recipe for a Boy
1 Large Spoonful of Cuteness
1 big bowl of dirt
1/2 a cup of sweetness
1/2 a cup of hugs
1 quart of mischeif
1 rounded cup of smiles
a dash of tears
a sprinkle of noise
Now, sprinkle with a toy train,
a race car,
a pet rock or two
and wrap it all in a superhero cape
and top with a cowboy hat
throw some boots on him
Ding Done!
and here's my recipe from Lickable Spoon

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