I'm My Own CEO!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Are you???
I'm a stay at home mom, that's no secret.  So, my home is my job.  My family is my job.  That's the reason I'm up dating my blog.  When I initially started blogging it was to promote my etsy store, the things I made with my hands and the tips that I have found to help others do the same.  That can all still be found here but you know what!  My life is bigger than my crafts!  My day is consumed by my children, our laundry, our dirty dishes and floors, my relationships with God, family and friends.  So!
www.HomeSpun-Threads.com is changing!  So stay at home mom or not, I think we all have something to share.

Why now?
Well, I found a notebook yesterday that I put together about a year ago.  It had a monthly chore list, recipes and what the cost to make, daily chores to accomplish AND 
Then last night I started designing a few printouts that I might use and I share them in the below post but those were for fun and if I decide to pick them up and use them then I will.  I hope you will too.  Then I received an e-mail this morning from "Women for Hire" written by Tory Johnson and it struck a nerve with me.  So I was thinking of all the powerful women I know and the one that stuck out was my own
Yesterday was her birthday!  I didn't even get to see her!  SHAME ON ME!  She's a smart lady, she's one that studies hard to remember things but never forgets.  When I was little until 6th grade she stayed at home with us, working a little for a florist doing books while we were at school.  Then, she went to nursing school, finished, then after working several years as a nurse went back to school.  She now works for an insurance company, she started out as a "nurse over the phone" working between patients, doctors and insurance.  Today, that stay at home mom of mine earns nearly 6 figures a year.  So, when I got the e-mail this morning from "Women for Hire" it was trashing women that are loud and demanding in the work place.  Tory called it abusive.  I can tell you that my mom is tactful, loud, demanding, smart and calls the shots like they are.  
So, I was thinking!  
If I want my home to run like a well oiled ship, I need to earn my 6 figures.  I need to be my own executive.  I need to be the mom and wife I'm supposed to be.  No more lazy mornings in the bed unless they are earned.  Why can't I be my own executive homemaker?  I can!
My blog is changing!  It's changing because my views are changing!  I swear!  Never again will my husband ask me if he has any underwear clean, or work shirts ready to wear.  NEVER!  If I have to make myself fold his underwear daily, I will!
NEVER AGAIN will I have to get up in the morning and scream at Cooper to get his clothes on while I'm hunting down socks that match and yelling because he doesn't know where his shoes are.  I'm making these promises to myself.  I'm holding myself accountable.
I've got to get busy to get a head start on my day!
Better yet!

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  1. These are good goals and I agree, we might not make big bucks but what we do at home for our familes cant be replaced with any amount of money in the world. I know if I worked outside the home we would have more "stuff" but what of my family? Are they not more important. I mean just as in the bible verse what good is it if you gain the whole world yet lose your soul.


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