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I'm sure I'm not the only blogger in blogland, blogging about the movie Fireproof.  Well, it's not really so much about the movie as it is the depth of a marriage.  It's hard to say in this day and age that "I don't believe in divorce" or "Divorce is just wrong."  Everyone I know has been touched in their lives by divorce.  Well, I say everyone but I also say "Not I..."
My parents have been happily married for almost 35 years.  My husband's father died at a young age but his mother is still married to her second husband.  So, I can't say that I've been touched by divorce.  So many people have though.  So, when I talk about my marriage and how I don't believe in divorce it sounds like a foriegn language and offensive at that.  I believe in that when God puts two people together and they say their vows they are not only making a covenant with God but between themselves as husband and wife.  A covenant is more than a promise but a promise is the best way to describe it.  Let's say God makes a covenant with you (which he has) to never forsake you when you call on Him.  God will NEVER break that covenant.  The assurance that he will never forsake you is a covenant and in saying that, it gives the word and meaning of the word such importance.  More than we realize or could ever know.  When God put James in my life over 16 years ago, I believe then that he meant for us to be together forever.  We are to do nothing to break that covenant.  In saying that, we can not give up on each other, we can not tear each other down, we can not disrespect each other, I should as a wife respect him as a husband and nothing less.  I should love him, cherish him, and devote my life to supporting him.  It's what God calls being a "help meet".  If you were to refer to the earliest text of the Bible, God created Eve for Adam as his "help meet".  Meaning, someone that helps him meet the needs of the two as one.  It's his place to meet the needs and my place to help him.  James and I have been through the hardest of times.  We've not always shared with others are hurt and greif but when I begin to give sections of my life over to God and tell him that I alone could not fix those broken pieces, He fixed them.  So, in doing so I have trusted him with other parts of my life and as I grow in Christ I have given more and more and He has down glorious things for us.  We aren't rich in money but we are blessed with a beautiful family, home, friends, church, everything that is important in life.  So, in order to fireproof my marriage, I had to give it to God.  So, I think that in whatever situation we are in our marriage, if it's God's marriage it will be made right. 


  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly!


  2. I too agree that divorce is bad for everyone involved. However, sometimes when one party doesnt want it and the other does they are forced too. I have been touched very much by divorce. From growing up in a family that is filled with step-parents and second marriages and third marriages, and all sorts of things and step siblings. I can tell you from my own experience it is not the best situation although now that things have worked out the way they did, I cant imagaine them being any different. So, my intention is to never divorce. My hubby and I dont believe in it. So, thank God my kids will never know the issues that come along with growing up that way. Great post!

  3. I think you are absolutely right about this! I want to be a "help meet" for my hubby for years to come!!! Thanks for sharing this!


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